Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{reader request} mid-week music moment: Bloc Party

Okay! As promised, this week's MWMM comes from one of the comments left on my last MWMM post. If you haven't taken a hot second to leave your favorite album of all time and a little blurb as to why, I would really like you to. I promise, it will be great fun for everyone.

Without further ado, this week's selection! My friend Hitha (of Hitha on the Go) was the first to comment, and so let's kick things off with her selection, Silent Alarm by Bloc Party.

"Silent Alarm was one of the first (and very few) albums that I listened in its entirety - and promptly listened to it again. Every time I listen to it now, I'm transported back to Seattle, to the UW campus, walking to and from class and along the Ave, in my Ugg clogs and toting a sequin tote I picked up on my study abroad. Every time."

I love Bloc Party too, and chose "This Modern Love" for today's song. Enjoy, and thanks so much to all of you who already commented with albums - it's been so fun to see your selections!

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  1. Oh how I miss NY when seeing this post. All the lovely things to do there. Definitely want to go back, it's an amazing city! I always wondered, is it amazing to live there as well?