Saturday, June 30, 2012

{day + night} a little 4th of July flair...

4th of July

4th of July

Can I tell you guys something? I love the Fourth of July. Love it. I'm fortunate to have a long-standing history of having amazing celebrations no matter where I am, but this year has me a little unnerved. I mean - it's on a Wednesday! Anyone else feel like that's totally unfair? Okay good, me too. 

Since this glorious, patriotic holiday is falling in the middle of the week I'll be spending it in New York City - a first for me! (Two years ago was Southold, last year was Kiawah.) Luckily, most of my friends will be in town as well, so we've planned a bit of an Americana extravaganza on our Chelsea roof. 

When it comes to thematic dressing (a must on the 4th), I tend to go for an overall effect rather than an overwhelming literal translation. My advice? Wear red or blue, with white. IF you must wear all three, play down one in a big way, by sporting just a few accents, if you know what I mean. Fill in the blanks with neutrals, gold and a little sparkle. (And sparklers!) 

How do you get fashion festive on the 4th?


  1. When I was little I would really get all decked out - I remember one year I bought Clair's red/white/blue star earrings and wore an Old Navy red tank with stars on it.
    I still love being festive on the 4th but this year I'm thinking of wearing my white jean shorts with a blue tank, long necklace, and sandals.
    Have fun on your rooftop! We are having a party as well.

  2. Totally adorable!!! Love, love, love the bicycle bag and that gorgeous necklace!

  3. Love all your choices esp the necklace! Your pics from Kiawah are awesome- I adore it down there and hope to get back soon.
    p.s..TOTALLY AGREE. the 4th on a Wednesday is lame sauce.

  4. I totally agree! I did a similar post about dressing for the 4th in a subtle way. I'm not a fan of walking around looking like a giant American Flag. Great picks!