Friday, May 18, 2012

{reader request} Boston regatta style...

Another fabulous letter from the blog mailbag...


Here's my style question: I live in Boston and am into the sailing scene up here. Each summer there a a few regattas in the area, which means there are a few (very important) regatta parties. What to wear is always an issue. I'm looking for some nautical-themed dresses for said occasions. Something unabashedly preppy, but with a modern edge. Any suggestions?


Well, Maria, let me just say I relish this kind of sartorial challenge. As a reader of this blog, you've probably noticed the bear-hug-like embrace I've given to East Coast style since moving to New York from Seattle. I'm not a true prep, but more of a new prep, I guess. Which is why I think I really identify with your challenge.

regatta style

{regatta style}

Moving right along though, the question of your summer regatta events. First off, can I come? Rubbing elbows with the sailing crowd in Boston while wearing a fancy dress and perhaps swinging around a flute of champagne - on a boat - sounds absolutely heavenly. For this mix of "unabashed prep" and "modern edge" it's going to be all about the personal touches. A preppy dress is a preppy dress, but with a fierce accessory or bold handbag, all of the sudden you're throwing your sailor friends for a loop.

Same goes for taking a modern, more contemporary dress and punching it up with nautical accessories. Rope bracelets, gold chain links, anything with a seahorse on it... These are things you know, I'm sure. Complete your party look with a summer-y espadrille wedge, perhaps a topknot to wrangle your summer mane and a nice glossy lip and you're going to knock 'em dead overboard.

Personally, this year I'm favoring spearmint, navy, white and tangerine-meets-red hues. White and navy are traditionally nautical, but in peek-a-boo lace? Tada: updated! I don't know how dressy your regattas are, but there are many options in short or long, it's all about finding that perfectly flattering fit. I own the navy Juicy dress on the top right, as well as the white lace Joie dress bottom left. Both have a shift shape and short hem that is perfect for my boyish shape. To create more curves though, I'm considering scooping up the Pencey Standard v neck maxi on the bottom right.

Maria, I hope this helps in your search for the perfect regatta gala look. (Maybe it's not a gala exactly, but remember that episode of Friends where Rachel freaks out and tells that guy she can't hang out because she has a "regatta gala?" So good.)


  1. love all of this regatta style inspiration! nautical is one of my favorite summer styles :)

    xo SideSmile,

  2. Ahh! Love it! Thanks so much. It's about time spearmint (aka seafoam green) made a nautically-themed comeback. P.S. if you want to come to a regatta party, Figawi (Hyannis to Nantucket; is next week, and the Flip Flop (around Boston harbor; is in August. Those are my two faves...

  3. Love this post! So inspiring :)
    Great blog and I am your new follower. Feel free to check out my blog.


  4. LOOOOVE that mint Tibi dress.. I'm seriously swooning over it right now.