Wednesday, May 9, 2012

mid-week music moment: Hot Chip

Okay, so this is my current favorite song of the moment. I first heard it while listening to NPR's All Songs Considered last week, and I was instantly hooked. Now I listen to it on repeat at the office in my headphones.

I have a fair amount of Hot Chip songs in my iTunes, but this one is really a stand out. First of all, it's over 7 minutes long. So you might as well start listening to it now while you read this. It builds and builds, layer upon layer into this amazing, romantic and rather epic dance jam. Someone is going to do some crazy techno remixes to this I am sure, but the original is so cool.

A note about the video: Don't throw up. This is the record company released to go with the song, and it's just like, ahhhhh too much spinning too many circles I'm going to hurl if I don't look away. You should just finish reading this, keep the tab open so you can listen, and go on about your day.

There, I'm done. Enjoy Hot Chip's "Flutes," off their new album, coming out June 10th.