Thursday, May 3, 2012

i. just. can't.

First of all, I'm well aware that Coachella is now in everyone's rear view mirror and those of us who weren't there are soooo over it. Fair enough. Bands, celebrities, models, holograms, whatever. I didn't really have much to say about it when it was happening, and still don't. Except....

Look at this. Pacey and Helen of Troy. You know I have quite the love affair with Diane Kruger and her sense of style, but the soft spot in my heart for anything and everything about her and Joshua Jackson is perhaps even bigger. Yes, even more soft and jealousy-inducing than O.P. and Johannes Huebl.

So maybe it's annoying that they're both wearing stripes and not even a little bit hamming it up for the cameras (right...), but still. I love her dress, I love that JJ has something tied around his waist (so Dawson's Creek) and I love them. So, deal with it. In my week of making myself happy, posting this photos fits right in.

[Image credit: Refinery29, via FameFlynet]


  1. Joshua Jackson/Diane Kruger and Nina Dobre/Ian Somerhalder are double dating at Coachella for a second year. And even though i'm not really fan of the first couple as actors both couples are just so cute. and you chose a lovely picture xD

  2. I love Joshua Jackson! Such a cute candid shot of both of them!


  3. Oh they are just adorable! Love them both. They always look so great together xx And I totally have a fashion crush on Olivia Palermo and her bf too. It's completely understandable!

  4. They have the most amazing style. Such a cool couple.

  5. i am always happy to find someone new i can obsess about pacey with. he is and always will be pacey, and he's my love!

  6. This post JUST made me SO happy!I have such a crush on Josh/Diane. Him I have loved since Mighty Ducks days and her style is impeccable. I swear i save every pic of them together.

    Just found your blog...LOVE it!