Monday, April 9, 2012

recipe for a perfect weekend...

As illustrated by Instagram...

Start Friday night with a little dress up at Orla Kiely followed by fancy cocktails at Merc Bar with the coworkers after a long week. (End it with a cocktail at The Dutch that happened too late to be documented.)

Kick Saturday off right with an insanely indulgent brunch al fresco at Extra Virgin with Meghan and Caroline. Take time to marvel at the cherry blossoms on Waverly and West 11th.

After an afternoon glass of white wine, head to Washington Square Park to take a peek at National Pillow Fight Day from a distance.

Take a long, leisurely stroll home from Greenwich Village in the fading sunlight and strong breeze, then commence immediately to prepare for seeing Dragonette with Jess, Sammi and Rach.

Dance. Sing along. Repeat to The Knocks and Dragonette for hours and hours. Make a weak attempt to continue the night at The Wren, but succumb to the couch and snacks by 2 am.

Get out the door relatively early on Sunday morning, dressed in something festive for Easter mass and a boisterous brunch of seven at Back Forty. Take a moment to absorb the relative quiet in a garden on East 12th Street.


  1. those secret gardens are something i miss most about the east village, this looks like a beautiful weekend!
    in dramatic fashion

  2. oh my - Dragonette show looks amazing! love love love her!
    What a wonderful weekend

  3. Fun photos! Looks like super fun weekend!


  4. Lovely photos, beautiful dress in the fist shot!

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