Monday, April 30, 2012

{outfit post} crossroads...

My friends and I spend a lot of our time in New York City talking about dream scenarios. Where we would live if, where we would eat if, what we would do all day if... You get the picture. I'll tell you right now that most of those dreams end with, "...And we'll live happily ever after in a townhouse in the West Village."

The West Village is this lovely little pocket of Manhattan that's about as close to perfect as this grimy borough gets. Amazing restaurants, rows and rows of grand "stoops" all decked out with potted plants, fancy boutiques dotting every block and sunlight that drenches the concrete as it shines up the streets from the Hudson River. One of my favorite spots in the West Village, and my favorite intersection in the whole city (that I've seen so far) is at Waverly and West 11th.

Surprise, surprise, that's where I am in these photos.

Prior to prancing around taking photos, I had one of the most delicious brunches of my life at Extra Virgin with Meghan and Caroline. In a moment of serious, gluttonous, decadence, we ordered their infamous French toast as an app. Yeah, that's a real thing. And it was heaven. (This may sound familiar because it made up part of my perfect weekend a few weeks ago.)

Bellies full and buzzing on coffee, we snapped photos with Caroline, then Meghan and I strolled towards 14th street, by way of West 11th. As we approached my favorite crossroads at Waverly Street, we ran into our favorite West Village resident and friendm, Morgan, walking her dog Lua. To be honest, I've probably only been to the WV once or twice when I haven't run into Morgan on the street. Really.

Morgan, Lua and Meghan. 

Scott NYC jacket; Zara blouse; J. Crew cardigan; gifted Gigi New York clutch; gifted James Jeans; gifted Amanda Pearl earrings; Alli's Ray Ban's; Jessica Simpson ballet flats.

Still so obsessed with my little GiGi New York clutch by the way, it's been the perfect I-don't-even-have-to-try addition to my wardrobe. And by that I mean, even when I feel like my outfit is just meh, I zip my life into this baby and feel instantly better about myself. It's amazing how an accessory can do that, no?

[Photos by Meghan, naturally.]


  1. I click continue reading and this annoying pop up to follow on Facebook and Twitter wont go away... even though I'm logged in to Twitter and already a follower. Rather disappointing...

  2. Love this outfit the pearl earrings go so well with the polka dot blouse.


  3. Great colors, love the polka dot blouse as well.

  4. STILL love that bag! and french toast as an appetizer is kind of genius.

  5. love all of the layering in this post! so cute: )

    xo SideSmile,

  6. I love that polka dot blouse and I love that coral clutch. I hate that I've never been to NYC and now I really really want to go so I too can prance around and take photo's in the West Village haha xx