Monday, April 23, 2012

{outfit post} April showers...

On my way to work this morning, I had a brief, fleeting moment of homesickness. It doesn't happen too often these days, as I've gotten more and more settled into my life in New York. The streets of Chelsea and Soho (where I work) are starting to feel more and more like home. Seattle will always be Home with a capital H, so I think it's only natural to have pangs of nostalgia come creeping in once-and-awhile. Especially when dark, heavy clouds roll in, encasing the city in grey and reminding us that spring is just as much about rain as it is about sunshine and flowers blossoming on Park Avenue.

What was my point again? Oh yes, homesick. I was leaving to my new favorite morning coffee joint (Ground Support on West Broadway & Spring), listening to Dave Matthews Band in my headphones, carrying a hot coffee and an umbrella. The sky was foreboding and the sidewalk was slick from Sunday's downpour. I could have sworn it was 2009 and I was on my way to a shift at Anthropologie.

 Lace dress c/o Joie; army surplus jacket; boots c/o Clarks; Brahmin blogger dream bag; Tibor Kalman Sky Umbrella c/o MoMA Design Store; Ray Ban aviators; Amanda Pearl earrings; Tiffany, Forever 21 and vintage rings; Essie 'meet me at sunset' polish.

I was feeling a little bit fancy today (I must have gotten too much sleep last night or something) so I dressed down this very perfect, very sweet and feminine lace dress from Joie. I'm really trying to embrace my girlie side this spring, and such a little shift as this is the perfect way. It softens my whole ensemble, but with flat boots and a utility jacket, I still feel grounded in my more tomboy-ish ways.

I had to pop open and show off my new umbrella even though it wasn't technically raining right that second because I'm so flattered that the MoMA Design Store sent it to me to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tibor Kalman Sky Umbrella (didn't it look a little familiar?). I feel quite jaunty when I carry it around, and the whimsical clouds on the inside are practically iconic in the world of modern art, which makes me feel pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Hot tip: Until April 30th, use the code SKY20 at the MoMA store site to get 20% off your own Sky Umbrella!

[Photos by Crissie Fuller.]


  1. Love this outfit! Perfect for spring!

    Chelsea (

  2. I need that umbrella. And I currently am very homesick.

  3. Nothin better than Dave Matthews on a rainy day. They're coming to Long Island in June! I got my tix already :)
    That umbrella is too cute! And your dress is so perfect- I'm also trying to "girly it up" a little this Spring. Hope you're not freezing cause it got a little cold this afternoon!

    xx Olivia

  4. love this outfit from top to bottom, especially your umbrella! so cute : ) I always get so inspired from your outfits!

    xo SideSmile,

  5. Great outfit for a rainy day - love it!

  6. I love everything about this outfit: perfect!
    And the umbrella is definitely pretty cool :)

  7. I wish all my rainy day outfits looked like yours! Love it, but the bag has my heart!

    House Of Jeffers

  8. Love the outfit! Rainy Spring days can be so difficult to dress for, but you nail it!

  9. Can't get over how much I love this dress + jacket combo. Great pick!

  10. So in love with this outfit. It's so simple and chic for a rainy day. I really adore the army jacket.

  11. I love how your dressed down the lace shift! What a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. I too live in a town I love, but my heart will always be little in my Hometown as well

  12. Love the look. I am from the PNW as well and totally identify with your homesickness!! It can practically smell home every time it rains here in DC.

    Dream in Fashion

  13. Great rainy look, really chic, and marvelous bag!!!<3