Wednesday, April 25, 2012

mid-week music moment: Imagine Dragons

This week's MWMM comes recommended from my friend Julie. She has great taste in music, and we were major partners-in-crime when it came to music in Seattle (and recently saw The Head & The Heart together at Terminal 5 when she was visiting).

We even saw The XX together. That's friendship. Do you know why? Because all around us people were having legitimately the sexiest concert experience in the history of live music. Then again I've never been to a The Weeknd concert, so that could be a reach. Anyway, we sang and swayed and enjoyed the crazy lasers while our fellow concert goers just, well, you know... 

My point is - Julie is awesome and so is Imagine Dragons. She told me to check them out after I gave her the heads up about The Apache Relay. The band has great lyrics and their music is very fun (think a great base with melodic strings), so I suggest checking out some of their other songs too (Spotify has them!).

Imagine Dragons - Top of the World

Side note - when is The XX going to come out with a new album?


  1. I love Imagine Dragons! I discovered them on Spotify about a month ago! Soo good!


  2. I just love your "music moments"! I am finding so many new songs to love (especially this one... so hopeful)!
    Hope you're having a good one out there and keep up the great work!