Friday, March 2, 2012

{tgif} some diversions for the day...

It's rather a blessing that part of my job is to wander the internets in search of cool things. To be sure, I end up finding a lot of garbage, but isn't it always so exciting when you happen across a real gem? Something that makes you fall in love with blog stalking all over again?

Anyway, I found some of these gems this week, and obviously I feel it's only right to share them with you too. To be fair, they aren't brand new things, and maybe you already knew about them. Well, congrats, I didn't. So here we go with some fancy fun things for your Friday...

James Nord: Cool, handsome photographer with awesome insider fashion access. His tumblr is visually gorgeous and also quite smart.

A Piece Of Toast: I found this lifestyle, fashion and interior blog last week and I can't get enough. It's run by two sisters and they both have really wonderful taste and a talent for highly addictive content.

Tulip Louise: I didn't think it was possible to come across another amazing personal style blog that I hadn't heard of - but I found Anna's blog though a friend's blogroll and now I'm hooked.

Isaac Likes: I like this tumblr. It's just full of goodies.

Justin Wu: This guy makes amazing videos. They're mostly fashion focused, and his lip dubs from fashion week are truly priceless.

If We Don't, Remember Me : Before cinemagraphs, there were these awesome movie gifs with accompanying quotes. Simple and effective.

The Love List: Another fab fashion and lifestyle blog - this one with a lean towards the preppier things in life - which I love. It's also visually amazing & inspires me to give my own blog a bit of a makeover.

*Also, that's just an instagram of a screenshot of Jason Segal at the Oscars. Why? Because he's perfect. What more reason do you need on a Friday, hmm?


  1. Um The Love List is new to me... such a gem!!

  2. I'm so with you on Tulip Louise - saw her on Glitter Guide a few months ago and was hooked. I've been reading the Love List for years, like before I really even read blogs. No clue how I found it but I'm such a fan!!