Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March madness...

Can we all just pause for a second and take in the fact that March is already coming to a close at the end of this week? I know that means spring is just getting started, but with all this warm weather New York has been experiencing - it's felt like spring for ages, and now my brain is being tricked into thinking that summer is just around the corner. No matter though, because the flowers are blooming on trees all over the city and I have been busy.

Here's a little recap of all the fun and fanciness I've been up to this month...

- Not Your Standard Bingo: A few weekends ago, Meghan, Tully and I decided to extend the life of our Sunday a little and try out this much chatted about Sunday night party at The Standard Grill. And a party it was. From the dance-offs on tables to the karaoke singing contests, the actual bingo and the giant punch bowls, it was an epic and utterly too-much-fun night. It was completely worth the $25 buy-in, as well as the significantly sluggish Monday morning I faced afterwards.

Stylelist ran two wonderful stories I was featured in over the past couple of weeks. Here's an interview & round up of my looks, and here they picked me as one of 5 pinners to follow! So flattering and exciting :)

- I got a sneak peek of the upcoming Fall collection from 7 For All Mankind at their showroom recently, and I think we're all going to be seriously craving their new pieces, from the heeled booties to snakeskin-print skinnies.

- I feel rather shameful about it, but I hardly ever attend concerts in NYC. It was one of my New Year's resolutions to get more cultural in the city - so I'm trying to be better! I recently saw The Head & The Heart at Terminal 5 with Julie, which was absolutely wonderful. And just last week, I saw The Black Keys at Madison Square Garden with Jessica. Next up? Dragonette at The Bowery Ballroom on April 7th.


  1. Nice post! I've been living in the city for close to two years now, and one of my resolutions for this year was to get more cultural as well! I've done a museum happy hour (Rubin Museum on Fridays) which was pretty cool! :)


  2. Can I just say... so jealous of your week, especially The Black Keys and the party at the Standard. Will def have to try that out... who doesn't love bingo?

  3. SUCH a fun month indeed!! i think i still have a big H from bingo however...#whoops. i want to get cultural with you, ps.! When can we go to the Met again!?

  4. i so agree with you, about it feeling like summer is coming because of the early heat (amazing right???) :) I hope the weather continues to be as good!! :) Love the pictures, looks like a lot of fun, and many experiences. ;)
    Much love, Gabriele.xx

  5. Great pictures! Obsessing over the 7FM collection!! So fab!


  6. ooh girl, I am loving your taste in music. Saw The Head & The Heart last night (loved their set!), loved the Black Keys last year at Bonnaroo, and Dragonette is on my must see list right now!