Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a magical monday night...

 {Alternate post title: Gossip Girl Is Real}

On Monday night I had one of those magical New York nights that, when you look back on it, feels almost like maybe it didn't happen at all. Thanks to Amanda, I got to attend the Encore (aka rockin' after party) for the School of American Ballet Winter Ball. (Here's WWD's event coverage.)

After a couple glasses of bubbly while getting ready in the West Village, new friends Katie, Allison and I headed uptown in our self-proclaimed #blacktieyellowcab to Lincoln Center. We arrived just in time for the end of the "encore" performance - on a dance floor amidst decadently set tables, candelabras and guests in full black tie attire - in the middle of the main atrium. It was decadent, grand and the fanciest thing I had ever laid eyes on.

After the performance was finished, we bobbed through the second floor crowd between the floor-length beaded gowns and tuxedos and made our way to the bar. From there I was able to observe something over the rim of my champagne flute: these guests were young. And gorgeous. Everywhere I looked, dashing men - looking every bit like Chuck Bass doppelgangers - were throwing back Grey Goose on the rocks in one hand and wrapping their free one around their date (or their friend's date, probably).

Of course there were plenty of guests of the age you would expect as well, but I couldn't quite get over the good-looking, 20-something portion that was swirling around me in their finest clothes as if it was second nature. I smoothed the peplum of my Zara skirt, took another sip and the three of us descened on the dancefloor to find Amanda.

We danced our way between the banquet tables and candelabras,  and finally spotted our target, in a striking red gown in the center of the dance floor. No sooner had we approached and waved excitedly when someone grabbed my wrist that was attached to the hand that was clutching my (borrowed) Amanda Pearl 'Alessia' bag. "Oh my god this color!" she said - and I looked up to see that it was Kelly Rutherford, aka Lily van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey ogling my arm candy. Then another hand - another gasp - it was Caroline Lagerfelt, aka CeCe Rhodes. It shouldn't have been too much of a surprise though, since Amanda's baubles have made numerous appearances on their Gossip Girl characters this season. Next thing you know we were all in a giant dance circle, moving and shaking to Flo Rida and Avicii. That's right, we were basically black tie raving in the middle of Lincoln Center. Just me, some new friends, some strangers, Lily and Cece.

The night continued more-or-less in this fashion: a fancy, rowdy-but-refined, glamorously champagne-soaked dance party. We all absolutely tore up the floor in our 5" heels, I was spun around the room by a handsome young hedge fund-er from Philly (of course), treated myself to a few glasses of white wine, and just as the clock struck midnight and my feet were about to give up on me, I found myself in a cab on my way home.

No, my taxi didn't turn into a pumpkin, but I landed smack-dab back in the real world Tuesday morning with a slight headache and reflective daydreams I couldn't shake all day.

*A huge, legendary Thank You to Amanda for lending me such a fabulous bag and baubles for the night, as well as the invitation - and a big thanks to Allison and Katie for becoming instant friends I am now obsessed with. And hey handsome hedge fund-er - wherever you disappeared to - call me.


  1. What a great post! I've got to get my memories from that night down in print before they disappear as quickly as the #fancybirdonit did...

    So happy you were there and had such a good time! (And we must catch up re: boys soon). :-)


  2. AHHHH I am so jealous!! Looks like such a fun party, and your bag is so cute. What a fun night. Meanwhile I spent my Monday night studying for the GMAT. Not quite as glamorous... but almost.

  3. AMAZING. you looked fabulous & those jewels and roll clutch are divine. love!

  4. What a memorable night(and story to tell)!! That bag is amazing!

  5. What a fabulous night, and story. And I positively adore that clutch! So jealous.

  6. i forgot to mention...i actually would have preferred if you called this post "GOSSIP GIRL IS REAL". big mistake not doing so.

  7. This post is awesome - loved every word! I die for that bag - your outfit is so fab too! :)

  8. Cute outfit! Love your accessories but the clutch is my fav!

    You Like It? I Made It!

  9. Gossip Girl is real!!! :)

    Love it, you look adorable.


  10. Um I was already in love with your blog based solely on the "Mean Girls" title alone, but this is one of the cutest + refreshing-yet-still-fabulous posts ever. I just had almost as much fun just reading it. SO glad to discover SUILT!

  11. Ah.may.zing....I might have passed out if that had happened to me! And the clutch is lust-worthy!!

    Chelsea (