Monday, February 13, 2012

{outfit post} 12 girls 1 table...

I woke up to snow swirling wildly through the sky between the buildings on my street Saturday morning. My first thought wasn't, "Hooray! So pretty!" It was, "Oh great, now what the eff am I going to wear to this brunch?" It was the morning of a new fashion week season tradition: a big ol' brunch with some of my favorite lady bloggers (and one wonderfully prolific social media personality). We met at Schiller's on Rivington, and did what we do best - consume amazing amounts of breakfast food and coffee.

I ended up wearing an insanely cozy outfit, right down to the wool camp socks over my tights with bean boots. Also, wanna know a secret? A just not-quite-long-enough maxi dress you want to wear like a skirt becomes long enough if you tuck the straps into your bra instead of wearing them over your shoulders. I would be embarrassed to tell you guys that, but I think we're past that now. #fashiongirlsolutions

 Madewell hat; H&M shirt; vintage fur jacket; J. Crew snood; Target maxi dress (worn as skirt, thanks Meghan); LL Bean boots; J. Crew camp socks; 1990's Prada bag.

[Photos by the lovely Sonia!]


  1. You look ready for a ride out on the range, little missy! Saddle up! Yee-haw!

    Anyway, I do love your warm winter outfit. Very cozy and fuzzy!

  2. I love how wore that skirt with the rest of the outfit :)

  3. wow! What an amazing look! I love the stripes and the maxi skirt! It is so fantastic!

  4. Love the outfit x

  5. OMG that coat is A-mazing!!!!You look gorg and thank you for sharing NWFW with us.


  6. Those are my boots..!

    .... Phenomenal BTW

    ... Happy Valentines Day!

    - Parker James