Friday, February 17, 2012

{NYFW} the easiest hair trend ever...

Now that I'm just about half way there with growing out my bangs, I'm looking forward to embracing this chic, sophisticated and frankly, couldn't-be-easier hair trend.
A low pony with a center part. 
For extra flair, knot your hair around itself and pin, a la Michael Kors and Anna Sui.

[Images via, from: Michael Kors, Anna Sui, Sophie Theallet, J. Crew, Naaem Khan, Calvin Klien, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.]


  1. Oh yea! The center part is super cute! I like it a lot! I also feel you when it comes to growing out those bangs. So not fun!

  2. definitely gonna try this.


  3. Loving thisss! Thanks for the look :)
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  4. Ugh, I'm in that terribly embarrassing in-between phase of growing out my bangs where I look like a Hanson brother. JUUUUUUST about to the point where I can tuck them behind my ears, yet, still a failure. Bobby pins be damned, I hate this hairstyle. Can't wait until I can wear my hair in front of my face instead of behind my ears. Lalala, I love your blog. I'm following. I'm growing out my bangs and I'M DOING A CENTER PARTED LOW PONY IF IT KILLS ME.


  5. I love a sleek low ponytail - it looks so sophisticated!
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