Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tid-bits from the last few weeks...

 L: Me and my parents in Sun Valley
R: Sarge
 L: Seattle
R: Hudson River
 L: The girls at Diablo Royale for Rachel's birthday
R: Mexican and mimosas
 L: Davies & Dono do printed bags (J. Crew & Louis Vuitton)
R: Dono and Davies do DC
 L: Found a little something I live by in DC
R: Meghan loves a good Adirondack chair
 L: Champagne before dinner. It's the french way.
R: Georgetown is the cutest
L: Christine & Meghan at the Bonobos event
R: The girls and the chinos
L: Downtown lady
R: A little NYC snow


  1. So I have just shamelessly spent about 30 minutes on your blog, and I LOVE IT! Your graphics are great, and your style is so effortless. You have a new follower!

  2. Amazing photo's! I love hat super big chair! Looks like you had an amazing time xx

  3. Love the photo in Sun Valley, I've been dying to go snowboarding there. Hopefully this season, it looks beautiful!

  4. Love the photos :)