Friday, January 6, 2012

tgif: a few resolutions, or not...

This will be my year! This year things will be different! I'm going to work out 6 days a week, lose 10 pounds, start cooking in more and reading more books and trade coffee for tea - all while getting so organized.


I'm all for renewing yourself and refocusing at the start of each new year, but a leopard doesn't change it's (very on-trend) spots just because it's January. Again. So on that note, here are a few things I'm going to work on, but I make no guarantees. Maybe if I have them written down here I'll try a little harder? We'll see...

Elevate Myself.
I'm telling you, I never cared much for shoes until I moved to New York. Now I crave them more than bags, and sometimes more than bourbon. The resolution to wear heels more is one I try to make every year, but with 3 new pairs purchased in 2011, I'm actually making progress. 2012 will be the year I see more of the world from 5'10" than 5'6".

Find The Balance.
 2011 found me in my first full-time job, which I'm still so happy about. I'm glad to have a reason to get up each morning, even if at the time I'm hitting snooze and wishing it were Saturday. Since blogging over at IFB and ESD has become my gig, I've definitely let SUILTSOY fall behind a bit. Hopefully in 2012 I'll find the energy to devote more time to my blog instead of watching hours of Breaking Bad in bed.

Get Culture Shocked.
After living in Manhattan for a while, you finally start to see it as the city where you live, instead of this whirling, crazy, amusement park-like non-stop place where you also happen to work a 9-to-5 (or 8, or 9...). You realize you don't have to rush to get to every restaurant, every museum and every show as fast as you can. You realize that you've set down roots - and these places aren't going anywhere. I think sometimes I've gone too far in that direction and become a little complacent. In 2012 I want to embrace more only-in-NYC experiences.

Up My Game.
This is a two-fold resolution, for my wardrobe as well as my love life because let's face it: I could use an upgrade in both. Better men and better clothes? I should think so. I'm talking less H&M , more Elizabeth & James. Less late-night-at-a-basement-bar, more Saturday-afternoon-at-a-museum. What's that you say? That only happens in movies? Whatever. In 2012, I choose to believe! I'm going to waste less time and less money, and invest in quality. And oh hey, Quality, if you're out there - call me ;)


  1. This is one of the best 'resolution' posts & lists I have seen so far this year. I get complacent in my city & in the magical nearby cities with too much ease I have noticed; perhaps I could borrow that resolution of yours. Oh & the heels; agreed on wearing them more, however spare a thought for me - you want to see more of the world at 5ft 10, for me with heels the world is still only 5ft 4!

    Good luck & happy new year. x

  2. I love your resolutions, Taylor! Good stuff. Def go for quality! xo

  3. These resolutions are totally inspiring and I love how you've gone a bit deeper than the usual 'eat less, do more, save money' set of resolutions that crops up far to often.
    Your 'Get culture shocked' resolution has inspired me to immerse myself in my own British culture and spend more time enjoying London and the smaller towns in my country.

    Thanks for sharing these & good luck!

  4. the heels resolution is wonderful :) (duh)

  5. Love this, totally inspiring! In for all of the above! Keep up the fab posts. And for those of us out on the "best coast," let me know if you have any recs on only-in-SF experiences :)

  6. I definitely am right there with you regarding the NYC experiences. I live on the border of Queens and Long Island- so not quite in the city, but close! I've been beating myself up about not conquering all the things NYC has to offer in the 2 years I've been here but it makes me feel better to hear someone else say "THEY'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" I need to spend a little time exploring but also making my way. Send me a message sometime if you're looking for a "New NYCer" to explore with! Love your blog.

  7. Haha so true about seeing more of the world in higher heels! Also, you're able to spot that perfect dress (or heels!) on sale before someone shorter xx

  8. I moved to London a year ago and still think it's a crazy, whirling city! But I love it! Following you on Twitter :)

  9. Such a good post! I love reading other peoples' resolutions. I especially love "less H&M , more Elizabeth & James. Less late-night-at-a-basement-bar, more Saturday-afternoon-at-a-museum." ... So wonderful! I agree on both points.

  10. I can't agree more with your resolutions!! I moved to D.C. in the past year and a. got the "everyone wears heels ALL THE TIME" shock and b. feel totally overwhelmed by all the museums, boutiques and restaurants I want to try. Must slow down and enjoy it all (and save up for some sassy new heels!).

  11. Ha, love the last one! Good luck with your goals!

  12. Great resolutions. New follower, love your blog! Happy new year!

  13. Amazing resolutions!!!
    I love this post :)
    Your blog is awesome!


  14. Afternoons at the museum definitely do not only happen in movies. Once you find yourself a suitable boy, I highly recommend heading uptown to the Cloisters. Among the most romantic dates ever.

    PS - Fellow New York dweller and really love your blog!