Thursday, January 12, 2012

{shoe crush} cap toe flats...

cap toe flats

I'm aware that the time of the season for little flats is probably drawing to a close. In fact, last night I heard someone on NY1 say something about snow in the forecast. Isn't that just the thing of it? As soon as designers and retailers start saying "Spring!" You're dropping your down coat off at the dry cleaner for it's annual re-fluff in preparation for the months ahead.

Oh, fashion. Anyway, cap toes! I have a feeling they're going to be a thing next season, so why not #treatyoself to a couple pairs now and then admire them fondly until May, or trot around your house in them when you have people over for dinner.

Personally, I'm partial to the Lanvin version that comes in a rainbow of colors, but since I'm not currently blogging for billions, I guess I'll take the cute little neon skimmers from Old Navy (bottom left) or the spiky little ballerinas by Sam Edelman instead.

Here's a few reasons to cap things off next season:

1. A cap toe dresses up a flat shoe for work
2. You can integrate bright color, neon or pastels into a look without fully commiting
3. Two tones is better than one
4. A cream-and-black version will give you a sophisticated Chanel vibe without having to wear a terrible knock-off

Eh? Eh? Caps off to you?

[As always, click the hyperlink below the image to shop the Polyvore set.]


  1. Obsessed with the cap toe flats!!! I really like those white crocheted looking ones!

    The Klury Report & Kini Style

  2. yes. love them all. also, shared your post via my tumblr but linked back. just a little kindred cap toe flat spirit FYI.

  3. Love the pair at the bottom left with the neon cap toe!

  4. I entirely agree with the lust worthiness of this post.

    I do love a good pair of cute, capped pumps, you can't go wrong & they can totally make an outfit, any time of day/year. x

  5. i LOVE this look for spring! I love the 3rd one on the top with the tiffany's blue cap. sooooo precious!

  6. i love toe cap flats!!! kate spade had some gorgeous canvas ones with patent neon caps...totally obsessed.

  7. Perfect reasons to wear and I love your play on words. :)

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  9. I used to own nothing but flats! I've had to make myself break out of it, but still love them! Your newest follower....-Jessica