Friday, December 30, 2011

here comes the jackpot question in advance...

This is pretty fantastic.
Zooey & Joseph singing "What Are You Doing New Years Eve?"
Here's to 2012!


Greetings from Sun Valley! You guys, would you be mad if I never came back to New York? I'm so happy here, it's so beautiful, and I'm doing nothing but skiing, cross country skiing, eating, shopping, bar-hoping and hot-tubbing. Seriously. I'm barely sleeping and I couldn't be more pleased. Don't worry though, I know I'm on vacation and I'll be back to the big city before I even know it.

I'm sure there are some girls out there who can relate, (guys? I don't know...) but every time I go on a trip, I treat it like I'm getting into character. South Carolina? Southern prep. The Hunt? New England prep. Sun Valley? Glamorous, rustic, mountain prep. (Sue me. Clearly I'm going through a phase.)

Madewell hat; Diane von Furstenberg scarf; Ralph Lauren sweater; Nordstrom faux fur vest; BDG denim leggings; LL Bean boots.

So yesterday I took a little break from winter sports to indulge in some leisure in-town activities. I met up with Caitlin, Carly and Kelly for a (very) late breakfast at Java and some insane consignment shopping at Design Consign. I returned home with my finds, showed them to my mom while we had a glass of white wine, then went back into town to grab lunch at Christina's with Alex, Brett and Tim.

Because of, you know, the kind of people who visit and live in Sun Valley, the consignment shopping is pretty unreal. And because it's Idaho, so are the prices. I picked up this gorgeous blouse for New Years ($55) and little shell miniaudiere ($30) as well as a Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater ($85). What can I say, I'm on vacation! #treatyoself

What can I say about this look other than it's pretty much my new SV uniform. It was unseasonably warm today so I didn't need a jacket, and couldn't resist throwing on my Indiana Jones hat that's so perfect for this place. The sweater is my consignment pick-up from yesterday, and I'm obsessed. It's a men's medium and it's cashmere (what's not to like?). The scarf was a Christmas gift from my dad and the boots - well you know the story with those.

I hope everyone is having a lovely and hopefully relaxing week, stay tuned for more from the val, and if I don't see you on the internets before then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(PS: My dad took these photos just outside our front door - am I a lucky girl or what?)

Monday, December 26, 2011

{getting inspired} from the city to the snow...

Every time I think about my upcoming vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho I get so excited I can hardly type. I just want to put my chin in my hand, let my eyes glass over and day dream of dancing at Whiskey Jacques, a bowl of soul from Java and feeling the icy wind on my face as I ski down Baldy Mountain.

This is a family trip I take the week after Christmas every year, and though I'm growing older and the town is changing, I get that chest-tightening feeling every time we turn onto Main Street on December 26th. Without fail I know exactly what's in store in the coming days and nights, and the feelings of nostalgia, relaxation and excitement are so familiar it's like muscle memory when they come flooding back. It's a week that feels like a bubble - away from reality, away from the city, away away away...

As I explained in this post from the summer, SV is a mountain town with a thing for glamor. It's Old Hollywood heritage and rugged landscape create a lifestyle cocktail that's one part fur coats, two parts ski bum - with a small town twist.

This outfit pretty much sums up the city-meets-mountain vibe I want to achieve with my Sun Valley wardrobe. A tailored boyfriend coat with cowboy boots and an Indiana Jones hat? Please - sign me up. This look is perfect for a coffee date in town, shopping in Ketchum or a movie and bottle of wine at the Magic Lantern.

Alli MacGraw in Love Story. I mean, need I say anything here? A center part, a fur hat, a big white coat and a scarf... She's the picture of 1970's cool, which feels dead-on for this winter season.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

#partyforgood thank you & photos!

I owe such a tremendous thank you to everyone who came out to the #partyforgood event with goods for good on Tuesday night. We had a fantastic turn out, a great time, and raffled off some really fun prizes. Not to mention, together we raised almost $500 for orphans in Malawi! I'm so grateful and thankful for each and every one of your generous donations of time and money.

Here are a few photos from our festive happy hour at Chelsea Manor...

 Debie & friends
 Jessie and her hubs, Gerard
 Alli, Jess & Sammi
 Tulls, Joseph & Rachel
 Jessie, Morgan & Christine
 Eliot won the gorgeous Bauble Bar necklace in the raffle!
 Sammi won a 6 month subscription to Birchbox!
 DJ Taylor Deehan provided the perfect soundtrack...
 Jessie & Morgan rock a bold lip and a thoughtful pose...
Taylor helped me raffle off our prizes...
Debie & me
Me & the goods for good girls!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

mid-week music moment & home again!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, after the amazing #partyforgood event I hurried home, finished packing, took a 3 hour nap and took off for LGA at 4 a.m.

After a rather harrowing journey that involved multiple delays, an emergency landing and no food, I arrived home not too much worse for wear.  I couldn't be more excited to get back to my family, old friends, pets, familiar streets, and as I so gushingly mentioned here, my car.

My agenda is pretty much empty compared to all the things I tried to cram in the last time I was home. Christmas is just a time to relax, catch up with family and just play it by ear when it comes to social plans. Per tradition, I'm off to Sun Valley right after Christmas to spend a week skiing, drinking hot toddies and frolicking around in the snow. You can expect tweets, photos and all that good stuff throughout my vacation, because I just know you wouldn't be able to stand so much time without hearing from me.

Surprise, surprise, a little more Bing Crosby, singing "I'll be Home For Christmas."
I'm very original, I know.

{my gift guide} a little give, a little get...

Alright, alright so here we finally go with my gift guide. Yes, I'm aware that it's almost too late to be posting this, but I figured why the heck not, right? It's pretty and I wouldn't be apposed to giving or getting any of these things after the Christmas season has passed. #treatyoself / people have birthdays, you know? Anyway, it's just a few bits and baubles that I've had my eye on lately, so I hope you enjoy!

my gift guide

1. Barbour 'Beadnell' Jacket - This is one of those pieces that I've been lusting after majorly since The Hunt. Well actually, it was long before that, but there's something about the feeling of that waxed canvas, the smell of it after it's been rained on... Okay I know this sounds weird but it makes me very nostalgic. Anyway, I don't want the jacket for the smell, I want it for it's multi-season, multi-decade wearability. It's a jacket you (or I) would have forever.

2. DV by Dolce Vita 'Pura' in Taupe - I am having a serious thing for lace-up wedges these days. Blame it on my new love of flared pants or my mother's insistence that it's time for me to start wearing heels more, but I can't get enough. These taupe ones will look as cool with tights and a dress as they will with rolled boyfriend jeans or peeking out from under your flares.

3. Charm & Co Monogram Disk Bracelet - File this one under give and get. It's a gorgeous, delicate and personal piece of jewelry; one to treasure and pass on through the generations. What can I say? I'm a sucker for gold and monograms - and I bet a few of you out there are too.

4. Charm &Co Scorpio Zodiac Charm - Like I said, personal and made of gold. I'm a scorpio, so hence why I picked this one in particular - but you can also engrave the back of this charm, which is doubly personal when it comes to gift-giving.

5. Lulu Frost Art Deco Brass & Crystal Bracelet - So it appears this little bauble is sold out on Net-a-Porter, but that's okay because it's too expensive for my actual gift giving-and-getting situation anyway. It's just so gorgeous, though! The main idea is just that a little sparkle goes a long way during the holidays, so treat me (or a lady in your life) to a little frosting. (Remember How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days? "Frost Yourself...")

6. iPad 2 Dodo Case in Green - I have the original iPad but I can't imagine that this wouldn't still work. The case I have now is black and practical and doesn't look like a cool journal. This is cool and protective and a great price for gift-giving on any budget.

7. Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara - This can also be filed under the give and get categories. I love this mascara with all my heart and would recommend it to anyone who loves a nice, dramatic lash. You get curl, volume and length without any clumping or flaking.

8. Karen Walker 'Number One' Sunglasses - I know these are like, the blogger sunglasses, and everyone has had them forever by now, but I still like them. If you know someone well, a cool pair of sunglasses is usually an awesome and well-received gift. Additionally it's one that if it's not quite right, is easily exchangeable for a more flattering style without losing the sentiment.

9. J. Crew Printed iPhone 4 Case - Again, sold out. Some gift guide this is turning out to be, eh? But never the less, an iPhone case is a perfect stocking stuffer, and there's one to suit any personality. 

10. Moleskine Large Red Daily Diary in Red - Yep, I'm one of those people who still keeps a hand-written agenda. Sue me, but I just don't get along with Google calendar. I have this notebook currently in black, and obviously it's about to run out. For 2012, I'm thinking red.

11. Jacques Levine 'Bel Esprit' Slippers - Things we already know about me: I love a good embroidered velvet shoe, and I love ballet flats. Something you may not know? I also love sheerling-lined anything. JL was kind enough to gift me a pair of these dainty little slippers - so they go in the give category. They're sweet, luxurious and perfect for flighting about the house with your wine or coffee. Don't believe me? Inslee illustrated numerous lovely scenes that say otherwise.

There you have it, SUILTSOY's guide to giving and getting for 'Holiday Time 2011' or as we call it in my house, Christmas. No matter the holiday or who you might be shopping for, I wish you love and happiness this season and good luck with all the gifts!

PS - One last gift idea if you're looking to spread a little good this holiday season... Why not make a donation to goods for good on behalf someone you love in the form of an e-card. It'll feel good, I promise.

Or come to the #partyforgood event TONIGHT! It'll be the best present you could get me - I swear :)

a petite outfit moment...

For holiday festivities over the weekend I layered up with a fitted black mini dress, my new Levi's denim shirt (obsessed), my crazy silver sweater coat from H&M, new Steve Madden booties and a little faux fur neck. Oh, and of course a selection of festive accessories.
And there's Tulls of course, wearing F21 heels and Moira's darling tartan blazer.
 I've had this Christmas charm bracelet since I was probably about 5 years old. It's silly but I cherish it and make sure to pull it out every season.
 Sequins and faux fur, #soluxurious.
I've been on a fruitless hunt for the perfect little black suede booties forever. I have been dying for a pair to wear with my super-long flares and tights and dresses, and these fit the bill - especially because they ring in at just under $80.

Monday, December 19, 2011

a little something that sparkles...

As you may or may not know, I'm big on accessories. And big accessories. Give me and oversize gold watch or a statement necklace and I'm a happy girl. So you can imagine what a treat it was when Australian jewelry designer Samantha Wills sent me a virtual treasure chest of baubles that are right up my alley.
Pretty much obsessed with this deco-style necklace, it dresses up even my most boy-ish shirts.
 A bold cuff that goes perfectly with my denim work shirt.
 A necklace like this does all the talking for you. I'll be pairing it like so with a plain white t shirt and fancy skirts for all my holiday parties. (The best part is that you can actually detach some of the strands to down-play the statement if you want!)
Cable knit & coinage.

[All baubles c/o Samantha Wills.]


As he explains below, I asked my friend Adam to create a music gift guide for the ol' blog. He has phenomenal taste in music that's wildly similar to mine, and many of the MWMMs that pop up on Wednesdays come from his recommendations. Naturally, I thought he would be perfect for this task, but as he points out, music is a pretty tough gift to give in these days of Grooveshark, Spotify and Pandora. Instead, he came up with the brilliant solution of summing up some of the best artists he listened to this year and bundling it all into a funny and helpful round up for you! 

Editor's Note: There are some references to adult activities both legal and not in the proceeding text. If' you're not an adult, well, cover your eyes and scroll on past. As for the rest of you, feast your eyes and ears...

Christmas is right around the corner, as is Hanukkah, and maybe even Kwanzaa (Wikipedia update: it’s Dec. 26th – Jan. 1st), so you probably have some shopping to do. Taylor requested a music-based gift guide, but here’s the very best guidance I can give: Unless someone specifically asks for an album, or sings songs from it in the car, or the shower, or hums it at their desk, don’t give an album as a gift. It will fail, and the recipient will have to open it and force a stupid grin and you’ll see right through it and Christmas will be ruined for everyone. And then grandma will walk out of the kitchen without her pants on again and your boyfriend/girlfriend who’s spending his/her first Christmas with your family will get a face full of old, old skin and you’ll break up and end up alone forever. Anyway, please note that I haven’t listened to most of these albums in their entirety. Nor do I own most of them. Some of these artists don’t even have full albums out, as far as I can tell. So there’s a healthy deal of speculation in this article, but just think of it as room for more Christmas (holiday? I don’t care) surprises.

Lana Del Rey  

People like Lana Del Rey’s music. I like Lana Del Rey’s music. Born to Die, Diet Mountain Dew, and Video Games are all strong tracks that sound just like what you’d expect a large-lipped, sultry singer to produce.  There’s a whole bunch of hubbub about her transition from a goody two-shoes struggling singer into some sexxxy hipster, but I don’t really understand it and only really read the headlines, so you’re on your own there. Just know that people are talking about her for one reason or another, and her tunes are worth listening to.

Lana Del Rey is sexy, and The Weeknd is sex. It is drugs. It is everything you believe happens in the dark upper balconies of warehouse parties. It is heavy, sweaty bass and smooth, almost crooning rap. Its seductive qualities don’t discriminate between male and female targets. This is one album I’ve listened to from start to finish, and it does not disappoint. In fact, the tracks line up nicely, and you should indulge in an hour-or so listening session to appreciate how well this album is put together. High for This and House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls (really two songs in one) are both must-listens.  

Skrillex is dubstep for the masses. What Elvis Presley was to rock and roll, Skrillex is to dubstep, but with a distinctly more lesbian look. He’s taken music from its urban roots and presented it to a large, young audience in a palatable form. His dubstep is white bread enough (as in, towards the less experimental end of the spectrum) for a large listener base to appreciate, and it’s quickly gaining traction. Parents are somewhat offended by this DJ’s ear-destroying sonic output, but dubstep in general is finding its way into mainstream pop music, so get educated. The best part about Skrillex is how skreewawawaawaaaa wompwompwompwahwomp.

Rebecca & Fiona

I’m using Rebecca & Fiona as a nice segue between electronic/dance music and a female vocalist. These two ladies have created a few tracks worthy of note, including Jane Doe, Bullets, Turn it Down (a collaboration with Kaskade), and Luminary Ones. These make for great at-work songs for those of you lucky enough to have a headphone-friendly workplace. I don’t know much about them, but from what I can tell they are two Swedish babes with a knack for dance music. I’m really hoping to hear more from them in the near future.


I love Adele. Everyone should love Adele. If you don’t, you hate curvy women, or you’re misogynist, or maybe deep in the closet, or xenophobic, or your parents didn’t love you enough. I don’t care. Rolling in the Deep, Someone like You, and every cover, remix, and what-have-you derived from this woman’s shattered, fragile soul will have an immediate emotional impact on you. If you like her tunes, look up Marina and the Diamonds (another UK-raised singer) or Duffy (same deal), who knock it out of the park when it comes to white girls singing soul music. Also, I’m obligated to add something about Florence + the Machine. Her new releases are stellar. She provides my personal daily loop-fest, and her newest album—with tracks like Heartlines, Shake It Out, What the Water Gave Me, and Only If for a Night—is outstanding.

Mumford and Sons

I like Mumford and Sons, and so does everyone else, so blah blah blah blah buy their album. They’re Grammy contenders, how can you not buy their album? The Cave and Little Lion Man are my favorite tracks to date, but I haven’t done a lot of research on the rest of their music (Winter Winds? Something to that effect) and frankly I don’t have enough wine left to make a case for spending more time on them. You get it.

Drive Soundtrack

I’m going to fill this paragraph up with spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, stop and just buy this album. Trust me. Spoilers starting…Now. This album will make you want to put on a quilted jacket and driving gloves and paint everything in neon and stomp skulls until you feel like all that’s left beneath the sole of your boot is cracked eggshells and the innards of a pumpkin. The tracks on this album will make you feel like you live in the heyday of convertibles and white suits and blow. It takes you on a journey that is sometimes inspiring and other times downright sinister. A Real Hero, Tommy’s Theme, and Nightcall are all standout tracks. Turn off the lights, put on some sunglasses, and turn up the subwoofer. You’ll find yourself in a strange, strange place, and you will like it. You don’t get to see Christina Hendricks naked and someone gets stabbed with a fork. Told you there were spoilers.

[Fun fact: adding “repeat” after “youtube” in a YouTube URL will bring you to a page that will loop the video. For example: can be turned into for an eternity of music.]

Friday, December 16, 2011

{GUEST GIFT GUIDE} for the girly girl...

Today's gift guide comes from a girl who's face you see on this blog almost as often as mine! That's right, it's Tully! Her first name is actually Hailey, but I don't call her that so you don't have to either. Tulls and I always say that our style is almost exactly the same except for one, critical difference. In the Venn diagram of our (formerly) shared closet, we intersect with jewelry, accessories and the basics, but on her individual side she leans feminine and I lean masculine. She's the heels to my flats, the dress to my separates. If you're thinking that together we had a near-perfect wardrobe at our disposal - you're right. Anyway, because she's so girly and great, I asked Tully to create the ultimate gift guide for the ultra-feminine gal on your shopping list.

I'm a true girly girl. There's no way around it. I naturally gravitate towards lace and ruffles and I own more eye shadow than a MAC counter. Floral patterns are a staple in my closet and I've never met a shoulder pad I didn't love.  On any day I'll find any excuse to wear a dress and I only sport a blazer when paired with a mini. I believe in the power of over-sized earrings and I've made it my personal mission to convince a certain roommate to wear heels. 

Please don't get me wrong-- I'm not hating on menswear inspired pieces. I love a good flannel and I even own a pair of boyfriend jeans. However, I like my androgynous apparel to be more prim and tailored than frumpy and loose. It's amazing what a daring slit or well placed hem can do for an otherwise manly pattern. In my opinion, feminine fashion is as current as it is classic and it’s not so much about bows and boustierres, (although those are fun too), but more about having an endearingly effeminate personal style. 

Being a girly girl kind of makes you a crazy bag lady and when it comes to purses I’m a total clutch kleptomaniac. My closet is filled with clutches- some worth keeping and some that have seen too many nights out on the town. I value a designer handbag as much as I do a vintage flea market steal but trendy bags come and go so it’s important to choose your investments wisely. Considering both my passion for clutches and my love of leopard, the House of Harlow 1960 Orlina Clutch is at the top of my covet list. I’m also dying for the Embellished Maze Clutch from Forever 21- talk about the perfect New Years bag!

Everywhere. All the time. From dresses and tops to bedspreads and couches to scarves and backpacks- anything can be made girly with the touch of a floral pattern. I believe that floral is eternally beautiful and almost always acceptable. The Free People Long Sleeve floral patterned dress is not only affordable, but can totally make the transition from winter to spring. And for more floral fun, the BDG High Rise Grazer Cigarette jeans will show your regular wash jeans what’s what.

All day, every day. Dresses are the ultimate girly must have and I believe there's a style for every girl. Whether it’s empire, drop waist, mini or maxi, you have a dress soul mate, believe me. Dresses are a necessity like, say, water. So I’m pretty sure they’re always on my wish list no matter what the season. I’m lusting over the Versace for H & M dresses - that gold number is simply stunning!

Speaking of girly girl necessities, SKIRTS top the list as well. When I was five, I wore a pink tutu over every outfit for a whole year. Now that’s dedication! As a loyal skirt wearer I believe the more the merrier, and I refuse to acknowledge that women’s “work pants” are a real thing (much like belly chains or Crocs). So I interpret business casual to mean skirts only. I’m currently looking to add to my collection and I’ve been obsessing over the Baroque Mini Bodycon from Top Shop as well as the adorable Asos Mini Skirt (with Bow). Both skirts are elegant, feminine and offer tons of ‘dress up or dress down” potential.

A girly girl has to SMELL like a girl. I’m a bit of a perfume collector and I’m constantly updating my scent. Most of us have a go-to perfume that we chose depending on what smells we’re most attracted to and what scents are most attracted to our skin. My absolute favorite is Burberry Brit - can’t explain why the smell works for me but I think the answer has something to do with science. So in doing my research for new scents I’ve recently stumbled upon Miss Dior Cherie - it’s sweet and slightly seductive and best of all, it’s not so potent that you’ll scare your friends away.

My roommates think I'm the resident fire marshal since I once said Christmas trees are a "fire hazard" and I've been known for unplugging hair straighteners while they’re in use. But fire safety aside, I'm a candle fanatic. Not only do candles fancy up a room, they are just plain sexy. I don't go for seasonal smelling candles, (just because it's the holidays doesn't mean the entire house needs to smell like cinnamon). I like to play it safe with mild scents like Voluspa’s Ambre Lumiere, for a sweet yet subtle aroma.

Never leave home without it.  Like any girly girl or hip hop artist, I’ve often been known to wear too much at once. That being said, less really is more. Minimal pieces with an elegant edge, like the Rhinestone Crescent necklace from Forever 21, are an excellent and inexpensive way to make a statement. The same goes for simple gold and silver pieces. Lately, I’ve been in love with the Baublebar monogrammed necklaces as they are a divine mix of trendy and classic style. Seriously, my initials have never looked so good!

Like diamonds, I’m talking faux here. A faux fur jacket or vest instantly feminizes any ensemble and when you don’t want to throw on twenty pounds of layers, fur is the perfect way to warm up. I love the affordability of Zara’s Leopard coat as well as the Winter Faux Fur Vest from Quiksilver. Gimme.

Guess what? There IS such a thing as comfortable five inch heels. Here’s a hint: the thicker the heel, the longer you'll be able to walk. And wedges are a great place to start. Leave the toe cleavage out of it and find a heel that gets you farther than the front door. When you can't afford designer labels, brands like Aldo and Steve Madden excel in making affordable, sexy footwear. As I tell Taylor, practice makes perfect and before you know it wearing heels is a breeze. And when isn't, well, that's why we have skin colored Band-aids. 

I guess you don’t have to be a girly girl to love the Real Housewives. You don’t even have to be a girl. You just have to enjoy trashy TV- and I DO! But the least trashy of all the housewives is definitely Mrs. Lisa Vanderpump. Not only is she a successful restaurateur, she’s got killer feminine style. Her entire house is covered in fresh flowers and pink accents, and she’s basically draped in diamonds at all times. Lisa’s book is full of how-to’s for being a fantastic party hostess. I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to read up. If you’re not in the mood for reality TV and want some advice from a real real woman, “The Modern Girl’s Guideto Sticky Situations” is the best book in town. It’s full of witty and wise solutions to handling any situation life throws at you. Spolier alert: I’ve actually read it. But this book is full of SO much useful info that it’s worth another few reads. 

Additional Goodies:
I love having an adorable makeup bag and the Kate Spade Live Colorfully collection is perfect for holding all that eye shadow! Some additional, fabulous goodies that made my list are:

Sidewinding Cuff – Anthropology
I Love New York Perfume- Bond No. 9
Party Clutch- Zara
Ralph Wrap Dress- Rory Becca
Sweetie Soft Bralette- Rebecca

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

mid-week (holiday) music moment: Bing Crosby

You may not know this, or I may have proclaimed it on the blog before I'm not really sure, but I love Bing Crosby. His voice is like whiskey, honey and heaven all rolled into one. I've told people before that if something really strange happened and everyone on Earth had to have the same voice, I would want it to be that of Bing Crosby.

Is it weird that I think of things like that? Absolutely. But take a listen to his rendition of "Mele Kalikimaka" and try not to enjoy it. I dare you. Have you seen White Christmas? Come. On.

This week's (holiday) MWMM goes out to my Hawaiian aunt, Lily!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ladies and gents, (there are a few gents out there, right?) today's gift guide is a real treat. I won't say much because this girl doesn't really need an introduction at SUILTSOY. I mention her frequently here and on the Twitters, and you get to feast your eyes on her amazing illustrations every time you visit my site, my Facebook page or my Twitter profile. So without further ado, the most beautiful gift guide you'll see this season - guaranteed.

Hello! I'm Inslee, Taylor's illustrator friend and trusty expert on gifts to give to a creative, artistic, fashion-focused girl.

Okay, so disclaimer: maybe I got a little carried away with the price points... This has always been a problem of mine. When I was eight I wrote and asked Santa for a Land Rover. But I think any artist-type girl would be just as excited about fresh cut flowers as they would be about some of these big ticket items. After all, being an artist means appreciating the little details that make life just that much more sparkly.

As Marcel the Shell might say, REEAADDDD ONNNN....

-->1. Kiehls Ultimate Strength Handsalve
This is the best thing ever for the artist whose hands are constantly covered in paint and in and out of water but also wants to maintain a perfect manicure. This lotion is a life saver for me, and would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

This is the Cadillac of watercolor papers. I'm completely in love with it. I would be over the moon if i found a stack of these under the tree.

3. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, Metropolitan Museum of Art
I love collecting coffee table books that feature fashion, illustration, art, icons of style, etc. and this is the ultimate coffee table book. Equal parts terrifying, fascinating and beautiful - it's the perfect thing to causally leave sitting out to intimidate guests with your dangerous taste in art.

Shameless plug for the slippers named Inslee! I just got this leopard pair and they're perfect shoes to wear while I'm busily illustrating. A perfect Christmas gift especially for any one who is named Inslee / is my stalker / likes slippers.

For days spent trolling Manhattan for stylish sightings to sketch, this coat would be perfect - jewel tone, toggle clasps and a hood. It's functional and chic.

This is the coolest gadget. It allows you to draw free-hand on the tablet and captures even the most minute details of your illustration on screen. This thing is vital for anyone attempting to be creative in this digital world.

With all the graphic work you can do on the tablet, a little lap top screen might start to cramp your style. This display meshes with your laptop to give you a luxuriously over sized work space.

because it would be amazing to be the girl worthy of being sketched in her killer heels instead of the artist eyeing them enviously for a change!

If you're going to wear Oscar shoes you're going to need some glamorous fur to compliment them. This is on sale. Forget Santa, i may buy this right now.

Monday, December 12, 2011

signs of the season...

This weekend felt like the one that really solidified the start of the holiday season for me. We had one of our best girlfriends from college in town from Boston, one of my great guy friends in from Seattle, cold but amazingly sunny weather, and no shortage of holiday-themed activities. Via my new obsession (Intstagram), here's a peek at some of the fun...
Friday night kicked things off with a festive, crafty, wine-filled and wonderful party hosted by Grace, and attended by some of my most favorite lady-bloggers (and tweeters, ehem, @coachblkrwomen). Picture-in-pictured above is Christine, Alicia, myself, Meghan, Eliot and Jessie
From talking fashion and crafting it was straight into more of a Christmas lights, Coors Light and living room dance party party at our neighbors apartment.
Saturday we bundled up and ventured out to get our holiday tourist on because Alli was visiting from Boston. We walked in Central Park, foolishly tried to walk down 5th Avenue to see the windows at Bergdorf's and Bendels, then swung by the tree at Rockefeller before having a swell cocktail nearby then getting caught in the most horrific human traffic jam ever. (Lesson learned: Might as well just Google image search "Rockefeller tree at twilight on a Saturday" rather than actually be there. Not. Worth. It.)
Our post-sidewalk madness was quickly appeased when we got down to the E train platform at 53rd and 5th just in time to get on the old museum train that's running on the M line for the holidays. The cars are all authentic pre-WWII and absolutely too much fun, from the vintage ads to the ceiling fans to the rattan seats. We rode in a different car (and took too many photos) between each stop because they were all different. I have no idea how to tell you to make sure you find this if you're in NYC, but you should definitely try.
Saturday night was another LES adventure with the usual suspects, so I allowed myself to laze about the apartment and catch up on my shows most of the day on Sunday. Later in the evening though I met up with Jerry and Alex and we popped down to my new favorite spot Aria for wine and the best Christmas ambiance in the West Village.