Friday, December 30, 2011


Greetings from Sun Valley! You guys, would you be mad if I never came back to New York? I'm so happy here, it's so beautiful, and I'm doing nothing but skiing, cross country skiing, eating, shopping, bar-hoping and hot-tubbing. Seriously. I'm barely sleeping and I couldn't be more pleased. Don't worry though, I know I'm on vacation and I'll be back to the big city before I even know it.

I'm sure there are some girls out there who can relate, (guys? I don't know...) but every time I go on a trip, I treat it like I'm getting into character. South Carolina? Southern prep. The Hunt? New England prep. Sun Valley? Glamorous, rustic, mountain prep. (Sue me. Clearly I'm going through a phase.)

Madewell hat; Diane von Furstenberg scarf; Ralph Lauren sweater; Nordstrom faux fur vest; BDG denim leggings; LL Bean boots.

So yesterday I took a little break from winter sports to indulge in some leisure in-town activities. I met up with Caitlin, Carly and Kelly for a (very) late breakfast at Java and some insane consignment shopping at Design Consign. I returned home with my finds, showed them to my mom while we had a glass of white wine, then went back into town to grab lunch at Christina's with Alex, Brett and Tim.

Because of, you know, the kind of people who visit and live in Sun Valley, the consignment shopping is pretty unreal. And because it's Idaho, so are the prices. I picked up this gorgeous blouse for New Years ($55) and little shell miniaudiere ($30) as well as a Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater ($85). What can I say, I'm on vacation! #treatyoself

What can I say about this look other than it's pretty much my new SV uniform. It was unseasonably warm today so I didn't need a jacket, and couldn't resist throwing on my Indiana Jones hat that's so perfect for this place. The sweater is my consignment pick-up from yesterday, and I'm obsessed. It's a men's medium and it's cashmere (what's not to like?). The scarf was a Christmas gift from my dad and the boots - well you know the story with those.

I hope everyone is having a lovely and hopefully relaxing week, stay tuned for more from the val, and if I don't see you on the internets before then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(PS: My dad took these photos just outside our front door - am I a lucky girl or what?)


  1. wow, that view is amazing. you look great. i'm the same way when i go on vacation i like to put on different personas in my style. it's fun and a great way to break it up and step a little out of what you'd normally do

  2. looooveee the vest!
    So cool that there is snow outside of your front door :D

  3. Your post makes me miss the Rockies and the snow! Love the entire outfit!


    Sunny Blonde Studio

  4. Tay tay - you look awesome! I love this look...seriously.

  5. Love this post! I often think of giving up everything in the city and living in the middle of nowhere. It looks like heaven where you are! But then again, I just got back to new york city and I have to admit, I missed it.


  6. I love your fur vest! You look so cozy :)

  7. Adore this outfit, love the boots, hat, fur vest...all of it! Gorgeous!


  8. So cute, I need shoes like that! Your winter outfit looks so practical and stylish too.

  9. Amazing scarf! Love the whole outfit! It looks super comfy!

  10. i am loving this outfit!! those shoes are on my want list now :-)