Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{my gift guide} a little give, a little get...

Alright, alright so here we finally go with my gift guide. Yes, I'm aware that it's almost too late to be posting this, but I figured why the heck not, right? It's pretty and I wouldn't be apposed to giving or getting any of these things after the Christmas season has passed. #treatyoself / people have birthdays, you know? Anyway, it's just a few bits and baubles that I've had my eye on lately, so I hope you enjoy!

my gift guide

1. Barbour 'Beadnell' Jacket - This is one of those pieces that I've been lusting after majorly since The Hunt. Well actually, it was long before that, but there's something about the feeling of that waxed canvas, the smell of it after it's been rained on... Okay I know this sounds weird but it makes me very nostalgic. Anyway, I don't want the jacket for the smell, I want it for it's multi-season, multi-decade wearability. It's a jacket you (or I) would have forever.

2. DV by Dolce Vita 'Pura' in Taupe - I am having a serious thing for lace-up wedges these days. Blame it on my new love of flared pants or my mother's insistence that it's time for me to start wearing heels more, but I can't get enough. These taupe ones will look as cool with tights and a dress as they will with rolled boyfriend jeans or peeking out from under your flares.

3. Charm & Co Monogram Disk Bracelet - File this one under give and get. It's a gorgeous, delicate and personal piece of jewelry; one to treasure and pass on through the generations. What can I say? I'm a sucker for gold and monograms - and I bet a few of you out there are too.

4. Charm &Co Scorpio Zodiac Charm - Like I said, personal and made of gold. I'm a scorpio, so hence why I picked this one in particular - but you can also engrave the back of this charm, which is doubly personal when it comes to gift-giving.

5. Lulu Frost Art Deco Brass & Crystal Bracelet - So it appears this little bauble is sold out on Net-a-Porter, but that's okay because it's too expensive for my actual gift giving-and-getting situation anyway. It's just so gorgeous, though! The main idea is just that a little sparkle goes a long way during the holidays, so treat me (or a lady in your life) to a little frosting. (Remember How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days? "Frost Yourself...")

6. iPad 2 Dodo Case in Green - I have the original iPad but I can't imagine that this wouldn't still work. The case I have now is black and practical and doesn't look like a cool journal. This is cool and protective and a great price for gift-giving on any budget.

7. Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara - This can also be filed under the give and get categories. I love this mascara with all my heart and would recommend it to anyone who loves a nice, dramatic lash. You get curl, volume and length without any clumping or flaking.

8. Karen Walker 'Number One' Sunglasses - I know these are like, the blogger sunglasses, and everyone has had them forever by now, but I still like them. If you know someone well, a cool pair of sunglasses is usually an awesome and well-received gift. Additionally it's one that if it's not quite right, is easily exchangeable for a more flattering style without losing the sentiment.

9. J. Crew Printed iPhone 4 Case - Again, sold out. Some gift guide this is turning out to be, eh? But never the less, an iPhone case is a perfect stocking stuffer, and there's one to suit any personality. 

10. Moleskine Large Red Daily Diary in Red - Yep, I'm one of those people who still keeps a hand-written agenda. Sue me, but I just don't get along with Google calendar. I have this notebook currently in black, and obviously it's about to run out. For 2012, I'm thinking red.

11. Jacques Levine 'Bel Esprit' Slippers - Things we already know about me: I love a good embroidered velvet shoe, and I love ballet flats. Something you may not know? I also love sheerling-lined anything. JL was kind enough to gift me a pair of these dainty little slippers - so they go in the give category. They're sweet, luxurious and perfect for flighting about the house with your wine or coffee. Don't believe me? Inslee illustrated numerous lovely scenes that say otherwise.

There you have it, SUILTSOY's guide to giving and getting for 'Holiday Time 2011' or as we call it in my house, Christmas. No matter the holiday or who you might be shopping for, I wish you love and happiness this season and good luck with all the gifts!

PS - One last gift idea if you're looking to spread a little good this holiday season... Why not make a donation to goods for good on behalf someone you love in the form of an e-card. It'll feel good, I promise.

Or come to the #partyforgood event TONIGHT! It'll be the best present you could get me - I swear :)


  1. The "They're Real" mascara is my number 1 fave! Great choice for a gift as well!


  2. Amazing gift guide, I want it all! I love They're Real... I never buy mascara but I just bought a new one bc my sample was all gone. I love that Lulu Frost bracelet... I find her so inspiring... she makes me want to go vintage shopping and then create fabulous bracelets from old clip on earrings, shoe clips, and belt buckles!

  3. the leopard iphone case is on my wishlist! love this!


  4. Lusting after the leopard print iPhone case. My basic black one just isn't cutting it anymore. Great gift guide xx

  5. Very nice guide! I love your blog and your style!!!!

  6. Just found your blog via IFB. So. Great. Your posts are so fun.


  7. LOVE the shades, the slippers, and anything by Barbour!!