Thursday, December 8, 2011

a little Jenni Kayne pre fall 2012...

Jenni Kayne is one of those designers who comes out with collections season after season that I look at and think to myself, "Seriously, I would wear all of this." Her Spring 2012 collection was preppy, tailored perfection, and her Pre Fall 2012 has that same vibe - but with a fur-trimmed leather-infused edge.

Of not here is that leather dress, cropped fur coat and sequin t-shirt sweater. I want all of it on my body right now, and additionally I am now deeply considering a little ombre touch for my hair.

[Images via New York magazine]


  1. I'm a little nutty over these looks. The hair is great, for sure. And I'm loving that little leather dress and the trench with the fur trim!


  2. yeah I like this, *a lot* especially that sweater in the second picture and the glittery top in the last one and the dress in the first picture! Ha, I like it all!


  3. So I just checked out Jenni Kayne's collection! I am in love!! like... HUGE crush! Her stuff is sooo cute! I want to wear it all!