Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today's gift guide comes from Morgan, my new-ish neighbor & blogging friend down the street in the West Village. She has a big lovely and love-y dog named Lua, and she's also rather stylish. Naturally, I could think of no one better to put together a collection of gifts suited for the well-heeled dog-walker in your life.

Hi, I'm Morgan from Morgan and Lua. This is a collection of gifts that would be lovely for the pet owner in your life.

Perfect for those early morning calls to duty (read: doodie). Brew a cup of Joe or your favorite herbal tea and enjoy long strolls around the neighborhood with your pooch. The 16 oz. insulated Klean Kanteen is made from high quality food-grade stainless steel that contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. It'll keep your drinks warm and you'll get extra points with Mother Nature for staying away from all those disposable cups.

Doggy style meets function. Throw this beaded leather collar, with appropriate name tag of course, around your pups décolletage for a change of pace. Proceeds from this purchase will help support and protect the African Painted Dogs, one of the most endangered animals in Africa. It's a win, win, win situation. With just one little gift you're making your friend happy, their doggy dapper, and helping protect the painted dog population.

A timeless sweater, this would be spot on for any animal lover. Just think of how much cuter you'll be on your daily jaunt through town. Nothing beats a classic, cozy, creamy, comfy Fisherman Sweater. Only thing you might want to think about is including some lint rollers in the gifting in case their pet's a shedder.

Long walks with that mop of fur? Not a problem. There's plenty of space to carry your gadget's, gizmo's, who's-it's and what's-its gallore with room to spare for the pup's water and obligatory ball. A rucksack is ideal for any of your pet owning friends who like to take long walks on the beach, over the river and through the woods, or trek those pesky 40 blocks that separate you and the dawg from spending necessary weekend QT in Central Park.

Dogs need to go out even when the weather isn't its best. These boots would be great to slosh through all the water, muck, and/or snow out there. Nothing beats a Hunter Boot for braving that nasty inclement weather. Plus those bright laces will surely catch the eye of over yonder handsome stranger.

Baby, it's cold outside. And since you're not as lucky as your canine friend to have a built in full body coat, any added fuzzy helps. Block Headwear is a small company that started  in 2000 and is still based out of New York. This is an item that'll be sure to kick off more conversations with your other chilly but fashionable dog walking neighbors.

Dogs like toys and treats. This is true. These two happen to be eco-friendly and healthy, made from non toxic dyes and naturally shed deer antler. After you and puppydoodlesmushyface are done frolicking why not give them something that ensures there will still be nature to enjoy and much more time to explore it together.  

It's cozy up time. Pour that wine, get out that book, light that candle, and curl into an adorable little ball on the couch. There might be nothing better than the wind down time after a day well spent with the tail-wagger taking in the great outdoors. Woolrich is a company that has been making quality products for many many years, so you can be sure that your blanket will last you a long beyond the puppy stage.

Treat yodog in the ultimate luxury item. While you're lounging on the couch your ever constant companion will be snoozing on a Sheepskin Rug near by. Their very own place to lay their tired weary furry heads at the end of a long day spent wagging, slurping, running, sniffing, jumping, and being your very best most loyal friend.

Hope you all enjoyed the gift guide. Now go, buy buy!


  1. if i had a pet, i'd buy everything Morgan told me to

  2. Awww, that's our girl! Can't wait to get my own puppy to share these treats with!

  3. Awe I love Morgan and sweet Lua !!! That fur hat and boots are amazing!


  4. Great guide - making me wish even more than ever that I had a pet!

  5. I want a pug so bad, have to wait til I get my own house though! My new pug daydream is myself in that fisherman knit sweater walking my pug with that gorgeous beaded dog collar... ha can't wait!


  6. Why are leather items and a sheepskin rug being offered in a gift guide for "animal lovers"? Disturbing...

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