Friday, December 16, 2011

{GUEST GIFT GUIDE} for the girly girl...

Today's gift guide comes from a girl who's face you see on this blog almost as often as mine! That's right, it's Tully! Her first name is actually Hailey, but I don't call her that so you don't have to either. Tulls and I always say that our style is almost exactly the same except for one, critical difference. In the Venn diagram of our (formerly) shared closet, we intersect with jewelry, accessories and the basics, but on her individual side she leans feminine and I lean masculine. She's the heels to my flats, the dress to my separates. If you're thinking that together we had a near-perfect wardrobe at our disposal - you're right. Anyway, because she's so girly and great, I asked Tully to create the ultimate gift guide for the ultra-feminine gal on your shopping list.

I'm a true girly girl. There's no way around it. I naturally gravitate towards lace and ruffles and I own more eye shadow than a MAC counter. Floral patterns are a staple in my closet and I've never met a shoulder pad I didn't love.  On any day I'll find any excuse to wear a dress and I only sport a blazer when paired with a mini. I believe in the power of over-sized earrings and I've made it my personal mission to convince a certain roommate to wear heels. 

Please don't get me wrong-- I'm not hating on menswear inspired pieces. I love a good flannel and I even own a pair of boyfriend jeans. However, I like my androgynous apparel to be more prim and tailored than frumpy and loose. It's amazing what a daring slit or well placed hem can do for an otherwise manly pattern. In my opinion, feminine fashion is as current as it is classic and it’s not so much about bows and boustierres, (although those are fun too), but more about having an endearingly effeminate personal style. 

Being a girly girl kind of makes you a crazy bag lady and when it comes to purses I’m a total clutch kleptomaniac. My closet is filled with clutches- some worth keeping and some that have seen too many nights out on the town. I value a designer handbag as much as I do a vintage flea market steal but trendy bags come and go so it’s important to choose your investments wisely. Considering both my passion for clutches and my love of leopard, the House of Harlow 1960 Orlina Clutch is at the top of my covet list. I’m also dying for the Embellished Maze Clutch from Forever 21- talk about the perfect New Years bag!

Everywhere. All the time. From dresses and tops to bedspreads and couches to scarves and backpacks- anything can be made girly with the touch of a floral pattern. I believe that floral is eternally beautiful and almost always acceptable. The Free People Long Sleeve floral patterned dress is not only affordable, but can totally make the transition from winter to spring. And for more floral fun, the BDG High Rise Grazer Cigarette jeans will show your regular wash jeans what’s what.

All day, every day. Dresses are the ultimate girly must have and I believe there's a style for every girl. Whether it’s empire, drop waist, mini or maxi, you have a dress soul mate, believe me. Dresses are a necessity like, say, water. So I’m pretty sure they’re always on my wish list no matter what the season. I’m lusting over the Versace for H & M dresses - that gold number is simply stunning!

Speaking of girly girl necessities, SKIRTS top the list as well. When I was five, I wore a pink tutu over every outfit for a whole year. Now that’s dedication! As a loyal skirt wearer I believe the more the merrier, and I refuse to acknowledge that women’s “work pants” are a real thing (much like belly chains or Crocs). So I interpret business casual to mean skirts only. I’m currently looking to add to my collection and I’ve been obsessing over the Baroque Mini Bodycon from Top Shop as well as the adorable Asos Mini Skirt (with Bow). Both skirts are elegant, feminine and offer tons of ‘dress up or dress down” potential.

A girly girl has to SMELL like a girl. I’m a bit of a perfume collector and I’m constantly updating my scent. Most of us have a go-to perfume that we chose depending on what smells we’re most attracted to and what scents are most attracted to our skin. My absolute favorite is Burberry Brit - can’t explain why the smell works for me but I think the answer has something to do with science. So in doing my research for new scents I’ve recently stumbled upon Miss Dior Cherie - it’s sweet and slightly seductive and best of all, it’s not so potent that you’ll scare your friends away.

My roommates think I'm the resident fire marshal since I once said Christmas trees are a "fire hazard" and I've been known for unplugging hair straighteners while they’re in use. But fire safety aside, I'm a candle fanatic. Not only do candles fancy up a room, they are just plain sexy. I don't go for seasonal smelling candles, (just because it's the holidays doesn't mean the entire house needs to smell like cinnamon). I like to play it safe with mild scents like Voluspa’s Ambre Lumiere, for a sweet yet subtle aroma.

Never leave home without it.  Like any girly girl or hip hop artist, I’ve often been known to wear too much at once. That being said, less really is more. Minimal pieces with an elegant edge, like the Rhinestone Crescent necklace from Forever 21, are an excellent and inexpensive way to make a statement. The same goes for simple gold and silver pieces. Lately, I’ve been in love with the Baublebar monogrammed necklaces as they are a divine mix of trendy and classic style. Seriously, my initials have never looked so good!

Like diamonds, I’m talking faux here. A faux fur jacket or vest instantly feminizes any ensemble and when you don’t want to throw on twenty pounds of layers, fur is the perfect way to warm up. I love the affordability of Zara’s Leopard coat as well as the Winter Faux Fur Vest from Quiksilver. Gimme.

Guess what? There IS such a thing as comfortable five inch heels. Here’s a hint: the thicker the heel, the longer you'll be able to walk. And wedges are a great place to start. Leave the toe cleavage out of it and find a heel that gets you farther than the front door. When you can't afford designer labels, brands like Aldo and Steve Madden excel in making affordable, sexy footwear. As I tell Taylor, practice makes perfect and before you know it wearing heels is a breeze. And when isn't, well, that's why we have skin colored Band-aids. 

I guess you don’t have to be a girly girl to love the Real Housewives. You don’t even have to be a girl. You just have to enjoy trashy TV- and I DO! But the least trashy of all the housewives is definitely Mrs. Lisa Vanderpump. Not only is she a successful restaurateur, she’s got killer feminine style. Her entire house is covered in fresh flowers and pink accents, and she’s basically draped in diamonds at all times. Lisa’s book is full of how-to’s for being a fantastic party hostess. I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to read up. If you’re not in the mood for reality TV and want some advice from a real real woman, “The Modern Girl’s Guideto Sticky Situations” is the best book in town. It’s full of witty and wise solutions to handling any situation life throws at you. Spolier alert: I’ve actually read it. But this book is full of SO much useful info that it’s worth another few reads. 

Additional Goodies:
I love having an adorable makeup bag and the Kate Spade Live Colorfully collection is perfect for holding all that eye shadow! Some additional, fabulous goodies that made my list are:

Sidewinding Cuff – Anthropology
I Love New York Perfume- Bond No. 9
Party Clutch- Zara
Ralph Wrap Dress- Rory Becca
Sweetie Soft Bralette- Rebecca


  1. ah-mazing!! Wonderful choices, I have to say that I am more of a feminine girl myself

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  3. You got this spot on! Everything would be a perfect gift!

  4. Tully = a girl after my own heart. LOVE all the pics.

    In Pursuit of Style

  5. Tullz, can you just finish my Christmas shopping for me?? Loved reading this and everything on here! Especially the fur...(hint, hint)