Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ladies and gents, (there are a few gents out there, right?) today's gift guide is a real treat. I won't say much because this girl doesn't really need an introduction at SUILTSOY. I mention her frequently here and on the Twitters, and you get to feast your eyes on her amazing illustrations every time you visit my site, my Facebook page or my Twitter profile. So without further ado, the most beautiful gift guide you'll see this season - guaranteed.

Hello! I'm Inslee, Taylor's illustrator friend and trusty expert on gifts to give to a creative, artistic, fashion-focused girl.

Okay, so disclaimer: maybe I got a little carried away with the price points... This has always been a problem of mine. When I was eight I wrote and asked Santa for a Land Rover. But I think any artist-type girl would be just as excited about fresh cut flowers as they would be about some of these big ticket items. After all, being an artist means appreciating the little details that make life just that much more sparkly.

As Marcel the Shell might say, REEAADDDD ONNNN....

-->1. Kiehls Ultimate Strength Handsalve
This is the best thing ever for the artist whose hands are constantly covered in paint and in and out of water but also wants to maintain a perfect manicure. This lotion is a life saver for me, and would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

This is the Cadillac of watercolor papers. I'm completely in love with it. I would be over the moon if i found a stack of these under the tree.

3. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, Metropolitan Museum of Art
I love collecting coffee table books that feature fashion, illustration, art, icons of style, etc. and this is the ultimate coffee table book. Equal parts terrifying, fascinating and beautiful - it's the perfect thing to causally leave sitting out to intimidate guests with your dangerous taste in art.

Shameless plug for the slippers named Inslee! I just got this leopard pair and they're perfect shoes to wear while I'm busily illustrating. A perfect Christmas gift especially for any one who is named Inslee / is my stalker / likes slippers.

For days spent trolling Manhattan for stylish sightings to sketch, this coat would be perfect - jewel tone, toggle clasps and a hood. It's functional and chic.

This is the coolest gadget. It allows you to draw free-hand on the tablet and captures even the most minute details of your illustration on screen. This thing is vital for anyone attempting to be creative in this digital world.

With all the graphic work you can do on the tablet, a little lap top screen might start to cramp your style. This display meshes with your laptop to give you a luxuriously over sized work space.

because it would be amazing to be the girl worthy of being sketched in her killer heels instead of the artist eyeing them enviously for a change!

If you're going to wear Oscar shoes you're going to need some glamorous fur to compliment them. This is on sale. Forget Santa, i may buy this right now.


  1. the drawings are adorable!

  2. Love love love. Beautiful drawings.

    sending warm holiday wishes. xo



  3. bahhhh i love that she illustrated everything! obsessed!

  4. I love the drawings and watercolours of everything. The pink Orsay pumps are heavenly but I think the coat would be more within my budget. Love me a good toggle clasp.

  5. I love your drawing/paintings!


  6. Um, I kind of want to buy that painting of the Oscar de la Renta shoes and hang it on my wall XD

  7. bahahah "forget Santa. this is on sale" best line ever.. and I agree.. buying it NOW.