Monday, December 26, 2011

{getting inspired} from the city to the snow...

Every time I think about my upcoming vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho I get so excited I can hardly type. I just want to put my chin in my hand, let my eyes glass over and day dream of dancing at Whiskey Jacques, a bowl of soul from Java and feeling the icy wind on my face as I ski down Baldy Mountain.

This is a family trip I take the week after Christmas every year, and though I'm growing older and the town is changing, I get that chest-tightening feeling every time we turn onto Main Street on December 26th. Without fail I know exactly what's in store in the coming days and nights, and the feelings of nostalgia, relaxation and excitement are so familiar it's like muscle memory when they come flooding back. It's a week that feels like a bubble - away from reality, away from the city, away away away...

As I explained in this post from the summer, SV is a mountain town with a thing for glamor. It's Old Hollywood heritage and rugged landscape create a lifestyle cocktail that's one part fur coats, two parts ski bum - with a small town twist.

This outfit pretty much sums up the city-meets-mountain vibe I want to achieve with my Sun Valley wardrobe. A tailored boyfriend coat with cowboy boots and an Indiana Jones hat? Please - sign me up. This look is perfect for a coffee date in town, shopping in Ketchum or a movie and bottle of wine at the Magic Lantern.

Alli MacGraw in Love Story. I mean, need I say anything here? A center part, a fur hat, a big white coat and a scarf... She's the picture of 1970's cool, which feels dead-on for this winter season.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing trip, enjoy!