Friday, November 18, 2011

{latest cravings} lets go glamping...


So, I'm pretty fascinated by the concept of 'glamping,' which is basically fancy, glamorous camping. It's partly because the word is so funny, and partly because rustic chic is one of my favorite themes to adopt when it comes to winter dressing. I know, I know, it sounds so cliche, and kind of tool-ish, but seriously - if you've ever been to Sun Valley you know - this is a real thing. Out West we were dressing this way long before Pendleton became trendy.

Anyway, I want all these things, and when I started arranging them on Polyvore, I realized they reminded me of what a fashion-forward girl would wear, were she forced to go camping with her attractive-and-woodsy boyfriend. Not unlike this shoot from GQ with Miles Fisher (except more clothed, I suppose). And yes, in this scenario that means Lulu Frost jewels, a scarf the size of a blanket, velvet slippers and a chic leopard iPhone case.

I felt particularly inspired to seek out some over-the-knee knit socks after seeing Atlantic-Pacific's post from Tahoe.

More or less, I just want to layer on as much flannel, tweed, faux fur, cable knits and down as I possibly can, then top it off with an Indiana Jones hat and some brown riding boots. Is that so much to ask, really?

[As always, click that little hyperlink below the image to shop my Polyvore set.]


  1. ahhh "glamping" i've never heard that term before, but that is my kind of camping. love it!

  2. This is the kind of camping i would get into, with all of the flannel, tweed, etc ONLY if i got to top it off with lulu frost :)

  3. Holy perfection, batman!! Can I pretty please have everything here for Christmas? :) Love it!!

  4. Drop by our basecamp at to learn about the business side of glamping. Better than a buzzword, it's a business model. Oh, and please do pile on the flannel, tweed, faux fur, cable knits and down. We really dig that style.