Thursday, November 17, 2011

hey New York City readers...

I just got this email from a reader, and thought I should open it up to all of you to see if you have any great suggestions to add to mine. I've only done so much, people. If you have a brilliant idea, won't you leave a comment?


I love your blog and your style! I am going to be in NYC with my lovely boyfriend for 24 hours only - on Saturday, November 26 and would love your recommendations on where to go & what to see! I've been to NYC plenty, but not in the last 6 months. It's my boyfriends first time. We don't want to spend a ton of money, but I'd like to fit in the absolute best of NY with out too much hokey touristy stuff. I have reservations at Beauty & Essex for dinner. . . not sure if it's a good spot, but I hope so! Please share your favorite shops, bars, restaurants and cultural stops that you would hit if you only had 24 hours in NYC. . .

Thank you,
Elizabeth from Cleveland, OH

Here are some things I'd do if I only had 24 hours...

1. Take a walk in Central Park. No matter how many times you visit it, it's different every time, beautiful every time, and always worth the stroll. While uptown, you might as well check out all the holiday window displays at the department stores too!
2. Grab a coffee from Grounded.
3. Lunch at Cafe Habana.
4. Brunch at Le Grainne then walk the High Line.
5. Pop over to Brooklyn on the L train and have a huge, delicious beer at Spritzenhaus 33 and walk it off in McCarren Park - and if it's nice out, ride back to Manhattan on the East River Ferry.
6. Consider hitting up the Brooklyn Flea (only open this late at Skylight One Hanson) for some fun trinkets, people watching and good food.
7. Eat in Chinatown (Banh Mi Saigon Vietnamese sandwiches, pho from New Tu Do on Bowery)
8. Check out the new C Wonder store on Spring Street.
9. Go to the Guggenheim & see the really wild art I saw last Friday. Alternatively, if you're feeling extra frugal, pay what you want to go to The Met, and head up to the roof for a cocktail.
10. After dinner at Beauty & Essex, treat yourself to a fancy cocktail just about anywhere that New York mag suggests - they are usually spot-on.


  1. take a stroll down the newly opened portion of the highline!

  2. Now I want to take a quick trip to NYC. All the stuff you listed sounds so fun!

  3. i had someone come in this past wknd and we packed in quite a bit on a's what we did:

  4. The Young Designer's Market (on Mulberry & Prince, I believe) is always a lot of fun... so many gorgeous things, straight from the designer - so less expensive!

  5. Besides Guggenheim, the Met Museum also has amazing exhibitions. And even though Broadway are just stores upon stores, I love going there on the weekends.

  6. This is the exact kind of list I needed, will be in NYC for a wedding in a few months and will only have 1 or 2 days to really see things. Thank you!