Monday, October 31, 2011

style stalking @ the hunt...

As promised, here are some style photos I took during my adventures, wanderings and cocktailing at The Hunt...

J Brand + City Year twill jeans (c/o); LL Bean boots; J. Crew shirt; Urban Outfitters Ecote Surplus Jacket; Moira's faux fur vest; vintage Calvin Klein scarf; Ray Ban aviators; Prada bag.

As hoped, I found some guys in Bean boots who had clearly been getting a little more down and dirty than I had.

You would not believe how many girls were also wearing this Urban Outfitters surplus jacket. Clearly, it was an easy choice for the event, and the weather.

I love this girl's scarf, and her little moccasins.

Yellow pants, plaid & metallic boat shoes? Yes please.

These lace-up, heeled Hunter boots win the award for the chicest practical footwear of the day.

Liz looked amazing in a cape, cable knit sweater, Ray Bans and chukka boots with neon laces.

This girl's friend was falling all over her, but her plaid shirt-dress, down vest and boots were a perfect combination for the day.


  1. Very cool, Happy Halloween
    Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

  2. so, so fun!! loved all these pics, the shoes (those mocs are adorable and those knee-high hunters? amaze!). love seeing a recap of fun events like this. adored your outfit!

  3. I like it! Yo all look so nice:)

  4. I love all the plaid! Any idea where the dress in the last photo is from?

  5. Bean boots, plaid shirts and combat jackets, love it all! I would have fit right in here :-)

  6. prep town magoober!

    good call on the llbeanies. muddy muck

  7. Finally found your blog! (which I love, obvi) Great to meet you that day
    The girl with the lace up Hunters

  8. I love your whole look...especially the vintage scarf.. I purchased a similar one a few weeks back and have yet to wear it.. thanks for the idea!