Monday, October 10, 2011

{quick outfit post} perfecto + purple

Schott NYC Perfecto jacket; floral dress borrowed from Tully; Kooba Lyndi bag (c/o); Steve Madden shoes; Ray Ban aviators.

 So, where the out-takes I posted from the Kooba project last week represented the look that was the most me, this outfit is probably the least me.  I adore all these elements separately, but would rarely throw them all together in one outfit. 

I love borrowing this dress from Tully because it makes me feel much more feminine than usual. Combine that with the fact that I hardly wear heels, then punch it up with a tough leather jacket, and I practically feel like I'm playing a character in a movie. 

...Like perhaps an ultra-feminine NYC-based astronaut who lives a secret double-life as a spy, and is on her way to a date with a really tall, handsome guy who is about to save the world from nuclear war. No? Too far? 

Okay fine, it's just me in heels and a dress.

[Photos by Meghan!]


  1. Such a cute outfit... even if it really isn't you, it would be a great date look. You astronaut, you!

  2. Often when I'm taking pictures of myself I pretend in my head that I'm a certain persona. Glad I'm not the only one. This outfit is fab. I love the print of that dress.

    <3 Rachel