Thursday, October 20, 2011

{outfit post} among the vines...

Have I mentioned yet that October is my favorite month? It is. All the best fall days happen in October, the leaves start to turn, you transition back into hot beverages and oh - my birthday sneaks in right before Halloween.

The fall out East is turning out to be quite busy for me, and in the best way. Last weekend I had a long, luxurious brunch with some of my favorite city girls, then Sunday I headed upstate with some friends for wine tasting, apple picking and apparently, a hay ride. It was a long but wonderful (and seasonally festive) day, and I think the best part might have been just breathing in the fresh, crisp air.

J. Crew men's flannel (similar here); Urban Outfitters Ecote surplus jacket (similar here); J Brand skinnies; LL Bean boots; Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses.

Ok now let's be honest, this outfit isn't really breaking any new ground in terms of style, but I wanted to show off my new LL Bean boots. I'm totally obsessed - and one step further into my East Coast style osmosis.  Also, my hair looked pretty good that day so... yeah. Oh, and look behind me! See that? Fall foliage! No buildings! (That's the Millbrook Vineyard, somewhere in the Hudson Valey.)

I have a lot of really great photos to share from our adventures upstate, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for those. Want a hint? Meghan was there. Also goats. And grapes. 


  1. Saw these darling pics on one of your FB pages...too cute! You will be so glad you have those boots once the freezing cold and unending winter comes!


  2. So cute... really like the boots! Very New England... :)

  3. Very fall festivey - those boots will be perfect for the wintery season! It's the perfect casual fall day ensemble.


  4. great pictures , great blog and really love your writing skills you are so funny!