Tuesday, October 18, 2011

mimosas, treats, bagels, brunch...

Instagrams from Eliot (@coachblkrwomen) & Morgan (@morgan_lua) of our lovely homemade brunch on Saturday. Don't worry, it was as fun and delicious as it looks.
Between the above two hooligans, Christine, Meghan and myself, we had a pretty rip-roaring good time. A 5-hour brunch-level good time.



  1. love this! I had a similar experience with some friends, this past saturday...at brunch as well. haha, it's so nice to get together and just laugh sometimes. :) glad you had fun!

  2. "rip-roaring" good time? hmm did you turn into a 70-year-old man since I last saw you? love you girl. looks delish :)

  3. Ahh fun! Love a good 5 hr brunch.. the best kind!

  4. puhLEASE tell me the #treatyoself is in reference to P&R. i literally COULD not stop laughing at the episode. and in incredibly related news, i have a super-inappropriate obsession with azis ansari.

    and if that hashtag was in reference to something else entirely, i'm guessing you're REALLY freaked out right now. ha.

  5. @jessie - bahahaha you are right. #treatyoself is absolutely a P&R reference. LOVE that show. Also, that comment made my day.