Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{reader request} tweed indeed...

tweedy girl

tweedy girl

Full disclosure: the reader who wrote in for this request is actually a dear friend of mine. Jen wrote to me wondering about investing in some tweed this fall, specifically jackets. She heard somewhere that they'll still be wearable 15 years from now, and needed to have these rumors verified. Well, you heard it here (probably not) first - it's true. The right tweed jacket (read: classic cut, blazer-type, well-lined, not incredibly cheap) will stand the sartorial test of time.

I feel like tweed has this sort of stuffy, stiff reputation - like the cold-but-impeccably-dressed grandmother-in-law of the fashion world. You admire her, but usually from a distance. She's been around the block a time or two, and she wont take sass from anyone. She might never die. She remembers when riding the subway cost just a nickel...

Wait, where was I going with this? Oh, yes, tweed. Bring it! Tweed fits right in with this return to classic / heritage / it's almost October moment we're having. I think the key with tweed is to take the grandmother-in-law factor and turn it on it's head. Mix a fitted blazer with your boyfriend jeans or slim leather pants and a slouchy white tee. I could see any of the above skirts looking perfect with a chambray button down, a huge statement necklace and messy hair. I have this feeling that tweed + top knot = librarian.

Anyone else craving a little tweed-infused fall?


  1. Love a good tweed! I am craving a jacket... that first one is oh so cute. I tend to avoid it in pants & skirts as it adds unnecessary bulk, but the ones you picked = super cute!

  2. Tweed is one great option if you want something timeless, elegant, versatile and, as you said, durable. I'm thinking about getting a jacket made at a tailor this autumn, but I'll have to find the perfect fabric first.
    Great post,

  3. I got a tweed jacket last autumn and it cost a bomb but I wore it so much. Your so right about the way to wear them too! they look great with a vintage rock t-shirt too.
    Fantastic post, your writing style is so engaging and funny :) x