Saturday, September 10, 2011

{NYFW} Joanna Hillman x STREETFSN

My girl crush on Joanna Hillman (Senior Market Editor @ Bazaar) continues. As a brunette with sort of thin, flat hair, there's something about her thick, perfect long blond hair that inspires both adoration and unbridled jealousy.

So as you guys know, I'm now working at IFB, which means I've had the opportunity to spend some time at Milk Studios while we're covering shows and presentations. I was there shooting (and spying people for our photographer to shoot) street style, tweeting, blogging, you know the jam. Anyway, I went to get on the elevator on the eighth floor to go outside, and who do I see, busy on her Blackberry, also waiting for the elevator. (She was wearing the denim shirt and pleated skirt above, btw.) As everyone jostled and shuffled into the giant elevator, I found myself standing directly next to her. Stay calm, Taylor. Do not turn around and try to hug her. Don't touch her hair. Just, like, look at your non-smart phone and pretend to be really cool and busy.

I got off the elevator, and she followed after me. I zigged, she zagged. Then it was over. It was magical.


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