Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{NYFW} Christian Siriano...

1. Get me inside that red dress or the tan top / green skirt combo and I might never get out.
2. I feel like Christian Siriano got in a blender with J. Crew and Jil Sander and stirred himself up into a really delightful froth and then poured the contents onto a bunch of models.
3. To continue the metaphor, he then garnished each look with some seriously great hair and eye wear.
4. I am overall quite pleased; this collection is the only one he's done so far that I really, really like.
5. I'm cooking up a color trend story for SS12 in my head that doesn't involve a single pastel, and I'm thrilled about it.

[Photos via style.com]


  1. Christian Siriano? He did this? I'm very pleasantly surprised!

  2. I die for this collection. Its tres gorge. I want that lime skirt...!

    In Pursuit of Style

  3. I find myself being continuously impressed by Christian Siriano and this collection is no exception. Gorgeous colors! I also love that he's bringing back the side swept bang!


  4. I want that lime skirt as well. When I look at that lime skirt combo on the bottom right I think I drool a little...couldn't agree more with your metaphor!

  5. nice, i love Christian Siriano!

  6. I love the pleated lime skirt!