Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mid-week music moment: The Beatles

A while ago when Lauren and Megan were visiting New York, the three of us popped into a tiny used book store on the Upper West Side. We were waiting for our giant hot pastrami sandwiches from Zabar's to be ready, so we hopped across the street to check this little place out and kill some time.

As we browsed through towering shelves of Choose Your Own Adventure books and read aloud from The Treasury of Jewish Humor, I heard the familiar voices of my favorite band, The Beatles. Weirdly it was a song I had never heard. Weirder still, as I started to browse the shop's collection of vintage records, I came across a Beatles album I'd never seen (1964's Beatles For Sale). Lo-and-behold, on the track listing was that very song, "I'll Follow The Sun."

It's a really sweet and melancholy song, and tragically short, but I just adore it.

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