Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mid-week music moment: Fleet Foxes

 Fleet Foxes - "Bedouin Dress" from Helplessness Blues

Starting this week, I have fully given into what I call "Fall Music Season." This means a continuous mix of bands like Fleet Foxes, Lord Huron, Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons and The Head And The Heart. Cozy music, if you will. I know it was somewhere around 82 degrees in NYC this week, but blame it on my NYFW exhaustion - I'm over it. Bring on the layering!

Do you guys have a certain type of music you turn to during particular seasons, or is it just me? Some artists I honestly can't listen to unless I'm wearing a sweater. I'm aware that's a little bizarre, but I think you get what I mean, right? Like, it just doesn't feel appropriate to me when Jimmy Buffet comes on my iTunes DJ in January. Ditto Jack Johnson and Slightly Stoopid.

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  1. Bon Iver w/ Fleet Foxes and The Walkmen tomorrow night in phx, and I'm going (be jealous)... I agree, perfect fall music, even though it is still 95 here!