Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summer wrist stacking...

It's getting a little crowded on my left wrist. 
Now that I've re-taught myself how to make a chevron weave (thanks, Google) and picked up some rhinestone chains from a trimmings store, I'm on a roll.
The tan line under that collection can't be good.


  1. That makes two of us :-)

  2. Chevron stack? I think I'm obsessed. Where is the Google link for it?

    xx M

  3. Taylor, I'm loving the bracelets :) please post a link for how to make these, I would love to try!

  4. So Marissa & Anon, I just did a google search of "friendship bracelet patterns" to find a tutorial on the chevron, but the blog "Honestly, WTF" on blogspot has a great tutorial as well!

  5. Friendship braclets bring back such great childhood memories! I need to try to make some next time I have some spare time. I love those Honestly WTF tutorials too!