Wednesday, August 17, 2011

scenes from the week / weekend...

The last week or so has been total madness (in the best way) over here. One of my best friends from college arrived in town on Wednesday, and my best friend from Seattle arrived Thursday. Since then we've been like whirling dervishes on the streets, parks and subways of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Here's a little peek into the events and adventures...

On Wednesday night, just minutes after Megan arrived from JFK, we hopped the subway out to Prospect Park, beers, blankets and snacks in hand, and parked in the grass to listen to the Bon Iver concert. Alli, Tully, Megan and I met Anderson and Inslee under a shady tree, and let the sounds of "Calgary," "Skinny Love" and "For Emma, Forever Ago," carry us into the late evening.

Thursday evening I was invited to the Anthropologie showroom to celebrate their Color + Print event. In the company of some of my other favorite style bloggers, I had my hair and make up done (red lips = my new favorite thing) and tried on clothes from the fall collection.

After my blogger event, Megan, Jessica and I headed to Los Feliz for a few margaritas and then to so-trendy-it-hurts Beauty & Essex to meet Moira and Tully.

Friday night we merged all kinds of friends and visitors at Company in the East Village. We indulged in 2-for-1 cocktails, and it was a terrific mish-mash of friends I hadn't seen in months and friends I see on the regular.

 So on Saturday we decided to take an adventure to try and see the set of Boardwalk Empire (by recommendation of TimeOut New York) in Brooklyn. Here's a fun fact: You can't. It's all kinds of gated and fenced. So don't believe TONY! Additionally, as illustrated in the candid photo above, it's really hard to find. It takes approximately four iPhones.

After haggling with the security guard for a while, and getting formally rejected, we walked the streets of Brooklyn, through a crazy Cuban street party and made it to Berry Park, a fantastic beer garden with an even more fantastic roof.

Oh, it's just me and my Persols enjoying a Leffe Blonde under the slightly overcast and insanely pleasant skies Saturday afternoon. Wearing Megan's perfect sleeveless-and-slightly-sheer button-down from Forever 21, which I am now obsessed with. 

Alli, Tully, Rach, me & Megs @ Berry Park.

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