Monday, August 8, 2011

{outfit post} what i wore + DKNY party...

On a rather sweltering Thursday evening a couple weeks ago, Meghan and I met up in Soho to check out the launch party for What I Wore blogger Jessica Quirk's first book, also titled What I Wore, hosted at the DKNY Soho store. As per the usual with our fashion party adventures, we sipped champagne, admired some really gorgeous clothes and mingled with the other guests.

When I think of DKNY, I think chic, and I think black and white. So I kept things pretty simple, and wore my most basic black mini and a white button down, with some vintage chains and jazzy blue flats.

H&M (men's) button down; Express skirt; Steve Madden flats; Ba&sh clutch; vintage chains; Michael Kors watch; Tiffany bracelet; Persol sunglasses.

In my opinion, there are few sexier articles of clothing than a button down shirt, for a man or a woman. I love to get mine from the men's department of places like J. Crew, Gap and H&M because the fit is slim, but more relaxed than a woman's cut. They tend to be a bit longer as well, making them wildly versatile for tucking, untucking, half-tucking and tying. This look is a pretty standard combination for me, I can't seem to get enough of a good button down these days; especially pairing one with a saucy little skirt for a night out. For me, it strikes the perfect balance of masculine and feminine influences, and with a few vintage chains and flats, you basically have my uniform.

I feel like Meghan had a bit of a Jak & Jil moment with this photo, no?

(Thanks again for snapping the pics, Meghan!)


  1. You look lovely! And I agree, I love me a white button down (on Men, Women etc...) - I always think of Tom Cruise a la Risky Business...

    In Pursuit of Style

  2. Awesome photos by Meghan! Totally a Jak and Jill moment with the friendship bracelets and neon wall behind you!

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