Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{outfit post} summer storm...

I must be starting to sound like a broken record by now, but last week I met up with Meghan to go to yet another fashion event that involved canapes and champagne. It's a tough life, I tell you, but somebody's gotta blog about it.

Whist sipping and snacking, we brainstormed with the design team behind Brahmin to come up with our ideal handbag. It was an interesting evening of creativity and clashing ideas, but ultimately really fun to learn about the logistics of a bag's construction, detailing, hardware and materials all come together.

The even was held at the Hotel Giraffe on 26th and Park Avenue South, so I made a vain attempt to hail a cab, which, if you're a New Yorker you'll understand, is nearly impossible in the rain. By the time I had walked five blocks waving one arm in the air, I was already half-way there.

H&M dress; Fendi bag; Mee Too flats; vintage necklace.

This is the new H&M dress I bought last week, and I'm just obsessed. I love the mustard color, and sometimes there's nothing easier than a long-sleeved mini dress. 

Believe it or not, I purchased this little Fendi baguette when I was 17. I was in Paris in July, during the the French soldes, when all the stores have their amazing sales. I think I paid about 89 euros for it, and to this day it's one of my favorite treasures. As overly branded as it is, it's neutral and just big enough to hold all my going-out necessities, which keeps it in heavy rotation in my closet.

This last picture is one of my all time favorites, big ups to Meghan and her photography skills!


  1. Hey Taylor,

    I love that mustard dress. It is unique and looks great on you. You wrote in a post below that it would greatly transition into the fall with leggings, a scarf and blazer, and I wanted to ask what shoes would you wear it with in the fall? Maybe you could do a post of how to transition a certain outfit from one season to another, I would love to see that. Also I love, love, love the new heading that you have with the amazing illustrations, they are brilliant :)

  2. hey pretty lady! thanks for the photo props - heart you long time.

  3. Awesome images for sure...LOVE the mustard dress...the color is awesome and the shape is one of my favs....
    I have a LV clutch that I bought when I was 19 years old...and still carry to pretty much every dinner and night out on the town...more than worth the investment, I would say.

  4. I just bought this dress two weeks ago at H&M -- this made me so excited to wear it! And I LOVE the new heading for the blog. Reminds me of the old school Barbie sketches, circa 1950.

    Well done all around!

  5. lovely photos :)