Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fast forward 10 years or so...

If my future husband / baby are not as cute as this, I don't think I want to be a grown up.
If you're a cynical, single girl in your 20s, living in a large, metropolitan area and attempting to date men, this is probably not the blog for you.
Rockstar Diaries is literally the cutest, most dreamy vision of a family I have ever seen.
Click through that link if you dare.
Seriously, they're too much.

(*Thanks / ugh to Cait for sharing this one.)


  1. I have to agree... I was following this blog before they had the baby and once they had her I was worried she wouldn't have time to blog anymore! But she is so cute and the posts just keep getting better - like you said, seriously too much!

  2. ha - you are too cute. i love this blog too. it really is too much!

  3. oh girl. I KNOW! hahah cute post
    xo emily

  4. I love that blog, I have a man (though didn't meet him here), I live in another big city (CHI), and I pray that my bebe will be half as cute!

    So envious! ;)


  5. Wow you were right, it certainly makes this cynical, single 20-something girl reallllly jealous!!! In a good way.