Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{crush this} new miles fisher...

Sometimes I have a really hard time deciding if I crush harder on Ryan Gosling or Miles Fisher. That's right - sometimes I spend extended periods of time thinking about which insanely attractive and musically gifted actor I would rather take as my lover - like it's an actual problem in my life.  Since I haven't seen Crazy Stupid Love yet ( I know, I need to. Can I borrow $13.50, please?) it's currently Mr. Fisher. I mean, what's not to like here? The video is a ridiculous spoof on Saved By The Bell with that same kind of twistedly comical and gory humor like This Must Be The Place, a la American Psycho.

Additionally, the song is sweet and fun, though I'll admit I couldn't really listen to the lyrics until I stopped watching the video. The fun kicker is that everyone in the video is also in Final Destination 5, hence all the dying. So now the question is, do I want to see Miles Fisher die, or watch Ryan Gosling get it on with another woman? #Whitegirlproblems?

*This post has been brought to you by Duncan, who shared it with Tully, who shared it with me. I'd be nothing without my music-loving friends, I tell ya.

Download both of my fav MF songs here.

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  1. Taylor - you MUST go see Crazy Stupid Love. IMMEDIATELY.... You need the full effect of Ryan Gosling's gorgeousness on the big screen. Promise you won't regret it.