Monday, July 25, 2011

{outfit post} white hot...

You know how everyone always says that New Yorkers are really busy? Or, you know people who live here who just seem to have a never ending parade of plans? It's all dinner dates and re-scheduling coffee, and friends visiting from wherever and brunch with so-and-so followed by a quick trip to East Hampton and then there's this fashion party in Soho and a roof party after that...

I've become one of those people. At least, that's what it feels like lately! Over the past few weeks I've had lots of really fun and fabulous plans, and I've gotta say, I like it. As much as I love my downtime, it's summer, and I didn't move to The Big City to stay home every night watching The Bachelorette. 

Anyway, as you can tell from my outfit post patterns, Meghan is my mover-and-shaker / gal-about-town who kindly and often brings me to really great events as her plus one. One such event was last Thursday evening, at the Nanette Lapore store on Broome Street. Miss Lapore herself was in attendance for the party, Revlon was there doing make up, and the champagne was flowing. Never-mind that it was approximately 5000 degrees out, we still donned summer dresses and mingled among the bloggers, photographers and handsome cater-waiters.

Zara dress; Ray Ban sunglasses; American Apparel carry all; thrifted necklace; Star Ling shoes; Michael Kors watch.

This dress from Zara is one of my absolute favorite things that I own. I don't wear it often, and it could definitely use a little more time out on the town. The fit is just right, and it's rather uncharacteristically girly for me, don't you think? Tully remarked when I wore it on the Fourth of July, "You look - so - feminine!" I guess she's right, for whatever reason, I don't own nearly as many dresses as I do separates, especially ones with cascading ruffles. 

There's that bird necklace again... I get so many compliments on this crazy thing, it just goes to show you what quirky and inexpensive treats you can find at NYC thrift stores.


  1. My FAV dress

  2. I love Nanette Lepore! I also love your little bird necklace. Great outfit!

  3. that dress is gorgeous, but that necklace is beyond! sounds like a fun night!

    xx grace

  4. wow this look is to die for! Love it!