Monday, July 18, 2011

{outfit post} barefoot in the park...

As you have probably noticed by now, I love brunch. It's my new favorite meal, and it's one that this city holds sacred. It's even been described as a sport by some New Yorkers I know.

I brunch on the regular with my roommates and friends, but I especially love brunching with my blogger babe peers. These get-togethers allow for open and honest, judgement-free conversation about just how much time we spend surfing the internets and reading other blogs, and always provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for outfit photos.

On Saturday morning, one of my most favorite bloggers (and just all around fabulous friends), Meghan of Wit & Whimsy and I combined our blogger brunch tradition with one of my other favorite summer activities: a picnic! We met at the 72nd Street entrance to Central Park, and with mimosa makings and pastries in hand, we searched for the perfect spot to lay out our spread. We settled on top of a hill overlooking the pond where everyone rows those boats, with a view of that fairytale white bridge. (What these things are actually called, I am still not sure.)

We popped the champagne, snapped photos and got right down to business, catching up on everything from jobs to boys to traveling and our latest style obsessions. (And yes, Meghan brought real, glass champagne flutes to the park.)

Unknown blouse purchased in Tucson, AZ; Forever 21 shorts; vintage belt; Ray Ban sunglasses; Michael Michael Kors watch (similar version here); Kenneth Jay Lane, Tiffany, F21, homemade and vintage bracelets; J. Crew neon watch band; Tiffany and vintage rings.

 I am totally obsessed with these little Forever 21 shorts (pretty similar to these), and I think I bought them about a month ago. Believe it or not, this was the first time I'd worn them! This blouse is one of the most random things in my closet, an emergency purchase made during a trip to Tucson for an Arizona homecoming weekend. It was something like $10, it's a little too big, and I could do without the ruffles on the sleeve. However, I find myself wearing again and again because it tucks in so well, and adds an ultra-girly element my outfits often lack.

So here we go again with the usual bangles. My right wrist is weighed down with the omni-present MK watch and mix of vintage, fancy and inexpensive baubles. Additionally, I'm working on starting a trend, where I wear a watch band with no watch face attached, just because I like the color.

My left wrist is being built up with friendship bracelets I made myself (and one from H&M), a summer tradition for me that dates back to the '90s. I'm going to have wicked tan lines by the time I cut them off (not until after Labor Day if I can help it), but it's totally worth it.

There's that bangs french braid again! It's so easy to do you guys, and I highly recommend it for these humid dog days of summer. Also, those are my beat-to-death Steve Madden t-strap sandals, which I desperately need to replace. I took them off immediately upon setting up our feast, hence the title of this post. If you ask me, it's crucial to be barefoot as often as possible in the summer.

(All photos by Meghan!)


  1. I love your outfit- especially your shorts and stacked bracelets. And your hair is SO gorgeous!

  2. Love the shorts, very cute and summery!

  3. Great outfit and great idea for blogger brunch in the park! I love reading Wit & Whimsy too - both your blogs are great!