Wednesday, July 27, 2011

inspired by Who What Wear: preppy pieces...

This is old hat by now on le blog, but summer on the East Coast (still) causes me to crave some seriously preppy elements for my wardrobe. I was recently on the phone with my mother (who is all the way in Seattle, mind you) having her tear through my closet full of not-quite-good-enough-for-New-York clothes, to find a particular white, cable knit Ralph Lauren sweater. I probably hadn't worn the sweater in years, but all the sudden I was possessed. I had visions of myself on a windswept beach, wearing my summer sweater and some crisp little shorts; hair everywhere. I had her mail it to me immediately.

Though they're based in Los Angeles, it seems the Who What Wear team shares my current affinity for a some ivy-inspired pieces.

I love their selections, especially the stripes and pops of bright, cheery color. The J. Crew striped sweater speaks to my heart, as does the cool vintage-inspired Casio watch. And what a bonus that their choices are all under $100. After seeing their lovely layout, I felt inspired to create my own. Here's an inspirational (and slightly aspirational) collection of my favorites, many, many of which are over $100. Ugh. Still, a West Coast girl can dream...

coastal prep

When taking in my spread, bare in mind that this is a fashion girl's take on prep. It can be intimidating to try and emulate an aesthetic steeped in so much rigid tradition, but it's also quite fun to add your own imaginative bit of whimsy and personal style to a culture you admire. I happen to find so many elements of that nautical, tailored, tucked-in and turned-out look extremely appealing. I certainly wouldn't trade in my leather jacket for Lily Pulitzer, but I don't think I'll ever be able to say no to some navy and white stripes.


  1. I absolutely adore prep - monogrammed jewelry, stripes, polos... I love it all!

  2. I love all this!!! The sweater is so cool!


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