Monday, July 11, 2011


It was a vacation in the truest sense of the word - a complete escape that was equally as calm and refreshing as it was raucous and playful. (I returned home content and rested, but covered in scrapes and bruises.)

Before this weekend, I had never been south of Washington D.C. The combination of visiting a completely new and unfamiliar place with the sheer distance from Manhattan gave the trip an extra element of exotic adventure (if you can call the South exotic, which I sort of do).

Tully and I packed up our weekenders and took off for Charleston on Friday. By late that evening, all nine of us were together on Kiawah Island, cheers-ing to what would end up being (at least for me) a weekend that felt like something out of a dream.

Some of us rose early the next morning to fish, golf and just laze around the pool, but 11 a.m. everyone was awake, and what followed was one of the loveliest and longest days I've ever experienced. With the backdrop of a phenomenal soundtrack provided by our host, we swam, kayaked, fished, rode bikes, read, relaxed and drank PBR from a keg long into the evening.

The rest of the days followed a pretty similar trajectory, with only ever more enjoyable variations like an oyster roast, an alligator sighting, crabbing, house parties, tree-climbing, star-gazing, night-swimming, pool games, wiffle ball, barbequing and fireworks.

Gator. In someone's backyard. Weekend = made.

 The way the sunsets on Kiawah played against the water reminded me of a Monet painting...

All the boys (madras pants included) before the oyster bake...

 I think I ate at least 16 oysters... 

I thought the sunset feast was the perfect occasion to bust out my new white maxi skirt from Gap...
However, enough wine, oysters and pulled pork led to a wild dance party in the dirt, and subsequently it's due for a visit to the tailor and the dry cleaner. 

Tully, Lauren & me on the beach... (My H&M mens button down made the perfect cover up)

We figured it was only appropriate to hoist up our host for a group shot...

All-in-all, a rather perfect weekend.
Hope you guys had a wonderful and patriotic holiday as well.


  1. Cute pictures! Love the idea of a button-down as a coverup.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Kiawah! I've been going every year since I was born. I hope you had a wonderful time! Never fails to have a good time in Kiawah.

    Xoxo, Liz