Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fragments from the shore...

Toasting to the weekend with tequila in a limo as the sun sets, on our way to the house.
Cocktails, cards and cheeseburgers on the grill at 10 pm.
Barefoot, making breakfast in our swimsuits, drinking coffee & recapping the night.
Popping over the rise of a grassy sand dune and laying eyes on the beach.
Rolling around in the sand, reading gossip magazines and getting sunscreen on everything.
Swimming, frolicking, diving and tripping over waves.
So many trips to the WaWa for hoagies and iced tea.
Walking for miles as the shallow saltwater pulls sand around our toes and the sun freckles our shoulders.
Playing touch football in the backyard (in a floorlength dress).
Adirondack chairs on the porch. 
Homemade tacos & Mexican Greyhounds (tequila & grapefruit juice).
Turning the DIY bracelet project into a group initiation ritual.
Dancing after dark in the grass to Earth Wind & Fire.
Crowding onto a blanket under the stars, telling stories and laughing hysterically.
Night swimming.
The Rolling Stones and the smell brewing coffee.
Hoagies for breakfast on the beach at 1 pm.
Just - playing. At the house, on the beach, in the grocery store, on the lawn.
A long, breezy afternoon bike ride to the far end of the beach.
Not looking at a computer screen for over 72 hours.
Thinking about nothing beyond myself and my friends for an entire long weekend (except calling my dad on Father's Day).

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