Friday, June 24, 2011

{a film for summer} La Piscine

It was particularly warm in our apartment on Wednesday night, so when I settled into my bed (on top of the covers with the fan and AC on blast) I wanted to fall asleep to a movie that would transport me somewhere wonderful. I chose La Piscine, or The Swimming Pool, a fantastic French-Italian film from 1969.

The film takes place in the hills above St. Tropez, at an idyllic villa with a gorgeous swimming pool. A couple, Marianne (Romy Schneider) and Jean-Paul (Alain Delon), are vacationing there when the woman's former lover and his 18-year-old daughter (Jane Birkin) show up unexpectedly for a few days. Alcohol consumption and sexual tension reach a fever pitch, eventually leading to a murder.

There isn't necessarily a ton of action in this movie, but the visuals are stunning. The characters are all tan and handsome, and Marianne's character has this enviable, early 70's French prep thing going on that I'm totally obsessed with. Jane Birkin counters her sleek look with a younger, more bohemian and languid style. Everyone is pretty much just lazing around in swimsuits and cover-ups through the entire thing; it's fantastic and wildly sexy.

Speaking of white swimsuits...

Jane Birkin as Penelope, and Jean Paul...

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