Thursday, June 23, 2011

{bag crush} American Apparel canvas carry all

As I was idly strolling around in Chelsea last night, waiting for a phone call and trying to avoid my stifling apartment, I decided to pop into the American Apparel that I often forget is kitty corner from my building. While Vampire Weekend's "Diplomat's Son" played, I picked through the weirdly cut bodysuits and Legalize Gay shirts, and checked out the new colors of my favorite carry all pouch

Suddenly my eyes widened as I spied a mass of navy and white stripes on the other side of the fixture. It was the carry all weekend bag I posted about here, but in bold stripes that immediately called to me.

"Taylor, pack me full of shorts and bikinis and sunglasses and take me to the beach for a weekend! Please! I will look so good, and I have room for everything! I promise!" It seemed to say.

I picked the bag up, unzipped it and peered inside. It's absolutely cavernous. There aren't any inside pockets or snazzy features, it just looks cool and hold a lot. It's a weekender that doubles as a beach bag which, at this time of year, is pretty much ideal.

I would imagine you can also just throw that bad boy in the wash (or get it dry cleaned) when it starts to get a little dirty, which makes the $72 price point even more appealing. 

I told you guys a while ago that I was feeling like the East Coast was taking over my summer style... I suppose this is just one more step towards revisiting that fuchsia Lacoste polo dress I bought circa 2002.
Check out the bag online, and note that it also comes in navy and red stripes, or in a few solid hues for about $15 less.

Additionally, I'm pretty obsessed with this.

Now, show me to my sailboat...

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  1. PERFECT bag for my 4th of July beach trip. wonder if I can get it in time...