Monday, May 30, 2011

{wallet warning} Cutler & Gross shades...

Hello, gorgeous. 

You are the most beautiful and offensively expensive sunglasses I have ever laid eyes on. You're British and Old Hollywood and glamorous and tortoise and I love you. Seeing you all over the J. Crew catalog on the faces of really darling, well-dressed brunettes with side-parted hair and low ponytails has caused me to contemplate what I would have to give up to make you mine:

1. Cold-pressed coffee
2. Most foods and cocktails
3. My half of a bedroom in Chelsea

Ugh, life is unfair. Am I right? 

Actually, let's be real for a second. It's true that this is a classic, elegant pair of sunglasses that were hand-crafted in Italy. They could last a lifetime. I could pass them down to my daughter (really, she would pry them from my cold, dead, hands). Maybe the luxurious creation process is deserving of the nearly $500 price tag. 

However (and this is the big however), it's just not necessary to splurge this wildly on a face accessory that is not made of gold and/or diamonds. At least, not at age 25 whilst job-searching in New York City. It is absolutely possible to pay $30, $50 or even $150 on a pair of shades that look excellent, protect your peepers and deserve to be worn on a vacation you can afford because you did not pay $420 plus shipping for the most gorgeous sunglasses ever.

Later in life, when I am a fabulous power lady, I will spend this much green on sunglasses. Then, I will send Jenna Lyons a hand-written thank you note for single-handedly skewing my perception of what is and is not an acceptable amount of money to spend on sunglasses. In the meantime though, let's enjoy more pictures of the undeniable beauty of Cutler and Gross #0930:

 *Seriously, J. Crew has this aspirational styling thing down to a science. You see the girl in the sunglasses, you see the car, the man, the hair, the smile. You think to yourself, me + these sunglasses = that life, no problem! Rawr.

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